Would someone working on FreeBSD ports be kind enough to create a lua51 version of converters/lua-iconv? Thanks in advance <3

@fcambus Apart from that, I'll look into it. Is there a way I could test whether that new lua51-iconv port works?


@fcambus Here's a shar of a patched lua-iconv port with a support for 5.1. Poudriere tests are fine (it builds and installs!), however, I've got no idea whether it works in real life.

`make FLAVOR=lua51 install` is how you can install it.

Cheers! Drop me a line if it works or not. 😉

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@mpts I see feld commited a lua51 version, thanks for looking into it as well, much appreciated. Will test what he commited soon!

@fcambus @feld Nice! I guess this was the easiest way before we get Lua flavors.

It feels a little bit counter-productive that we both made a port, haha :toot:

@mpts @fcambus flavors wanted. Take a shot at it if you have the time. :)

@mpts @feld Sorry about that, I definitely feel guilty... :D

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