@farhan Oh! I will take a closer look. From a quick scan, think you missed the part with using .Ev for environmental variables ;)

@tiden Would it be possible to bootstrap pfsense in a boot environment, try it out and then boot back to FreeBSD if you don't like it? Assuming you have ZFS there

What do you use on to highlight text in files?

I really like the way it works on on : hit a shortcut for highlight, select text, and done: selected text is now highlighted.

is not bad but I would like to find something more lightweight. Also, I have to click more to get to the highlight tool whenever I need it.

OTOH, in I am stuck with rectangular selection (I'd like text selection instead).

I wonder what & folks use...

@xanderio @raichoo There is an awesome presentation by Allan Jude from this year's :
Powered Magic Upgrades: Using boot environments for atomic in-place upgrades


It might be interesting for you.

@raichoo I tend to interact with those build systems only via the FreeBSD ports system. It does everything for me, I just have to set, e.g., USES=cmake.

@Famicoman Remember to use the tag to make your cool blog post more discoverable. 😈

@dwardoric @raichoo It's certainly not the best piece of engineering people created but 1. there are many interesting projects using as their base 2. it's another sign that is doing well (similarly to other projects).

I've created a based reimplementation of (from ).

Long story short, this utility allows you to use your editor in a pipeline (e.g., fetch -o - man.freebsd.org/beinstall.sh | vipe.sh | nc termbin.com 9999).

Let me know if there is something you would improve.


If you have an mobile device (like or ) please help us with reviewing/testing the tutorial we are adding to the manual page:


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