Fixing up KA9Q-unix, or "neck deep in 30 year old codebases.." 

@akarshanbiswas Did you install appropriate drivers? Recent AMD GPUs require drm-kmod that you can get with pkg.

@smortex This gomod-vendor is quite new. Maybe your ports tree is old? Also, have you got USES=go already set?

The new issue of the #FreeBSD Journal is out. It includes my letters column, where I explain how virtualization is not only bad for your system, it debases sysadmins. :flan_hacker:​ @vermaden posted a blog article about something similar some time ago.

@farhan Hint: des has a note in /usr/src/MAINTAINERS that he only responds to emails.

Otherwise, I'll try to poke some people about the patch.

@raichoo FYI, there was a move to unify FreeBSD configs with a format called UCL.

Dear musicians, both new and old,

Don't make me buy an vinyl album to listen to your music. I like vinyl and even have a turntable. But vinyl is a real pain to store. I could have about 10 albums at most. They do sound great and I appreciate listening to them. You have to face the fact that it's just not practical for the vast majority of people.

So if you have a store on your official site, please allow for, at least, high-quality electronic downloads. I'm happy to buy them. I do not want to store tens or hundreds of vinyl albums.

Oh, and why am I at your official site? Because I'd rather buy from you than from the online music retailers.

Also, please don't make it so that is required for your site to work.

@feld Thank you for your awesome work.

Personally, I am especially grateful for reviewing my patches when I started contributing to the . It gave me a huge boost. 😈

@epilys I like the word-play in the software name (hint: meli means "female" in ).

Our @chaospott is planning a series of challenges based on VMs with custom prepared images to teach about and in the 64-bit , what an has to take care of, and so on. Quite exciting! βœ¨πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»βœ¨

We're under 10 days away from the start of the #pinebookpro preorders! What are you planning to do with yours?

@farhan Yeah, that should be enough if you also add a short summary of what the patch does.

I do :)

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