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@zac -update(8) is the way to go. You may want to read about (or ) for smoother experience. Nice! It looks like it is super simple to port it. Maybe I'll give it a shot soon as I was looking for an editor like this recently.

I'm looking for a great new colleague and FreeBSD kernel hacker to support us with ZFS project, RT please.

Passing on a message from the Polish BSD user group:

Hi! We're working on the next #meetup but this time we'd like you to take part in our preparations - if you'd like to help us organizing the event, please join us today at 4pm CET at (Google hangout)
#BSD #Warsaw #FreeBSD #OpenBSD

@worr Remember to create a new boot environment with or so that you can roll back everything if you are using .

Do you think you can hear differences in audio quality across different operating systems as well? @raichoo @samir Yeah, it is pretty cool that actually decided to add . I like that different BSDs do things differently and test out various approaches.

@raichoo @samir +1.

Also, putting Xorg into base would result in the Xorg version to be bound to the base system for 5 years. This is big maintenance overhead for little gain, after all.

Many things are going to change when the the base system is going to be packaged the same way ports are. See Is everything working fine when it runs NetBSD?

linux frustration 

First hacking evening @acmelabs. Traced down an issue in #neovim on #FreeBSD. Formulated a workaround and submitted a bug report. Not a super complex issue but still somewhat nasty to find ^^.

This weekend I built a tool in Rust to collect information from all the ports in the FreeBSD ports tree and compile it into a mobile friendly website. Still a work in progress but it's going well.


Quite a lot, actually. Most of us hang out on but you'll find a lot of other users and developers on other instances as well.

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