"Computers never lie, kid", said noone who's worked with them, ever.

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:WeAreNameless:​ Don't forget we're going to watch Hackers this weekend!

Save the date: SUNDAY, 2019-09-15 at 22:00 UTC! :ablobcatrave:

Sync stream/TV: otvstudios.net
WAN stickers: dev.cybrewear.com/index.php/pr
Make your suggestions at: etherpad.qbfreak.net/p/WeAreNa plz
About #WeAreNameless: 2600.hackers.town/wearenameles

kthxbai! :heart_cybre:

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Well if this isn't one of the sexiest DIY audio players I've ever seen... imgur.com/a/7NiOgrQ

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This looks like an interesting source of random reading material : books published in the US before 1964 with lapsed copyright @SecretlyPublicDomain

One question I had after The Matrix was what the song Neo was listening (well, sleeping) to at the start of the film was, as it isn't on the soundtrack album.

Turns out it's Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl.


Anniversary cinema screening of The Matrix this afternoon. Still an enjoyable film after 20 years, and nice to get the chance to see it on a big screen again.

Wow. That's one i'm going to have to watch again. Once again it's been fun

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:WeAreNameless: Welcome to Paprika!

"Movies that you can watch once and understand entirely — that is the type of movie that I don't really like. However, if you are able to understand 70 to 80 percent of what's being relayed, and there's still some percentage left that would allow for your own interpretation . . . that's the type of movie that I do like. There might be a certain part that you don't quite understand, but there is a portion that rests in your heart." –Satoshi Kon (Director and Co-writer)


All set up for . Paprika is one of many films I really ought to have seen before but hadn't gotten around to. Looking forward to this.

apolloinrealtime.org/ is fascinating. Replay of the Apollo 11 mission audio as it happened.

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