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Giving a talk at #scotlug on Thursday 30th May, 7pm in the CCA if anybody fancies coming along. Topic is "Mastodon and ActivityPub: An overview". scotlug.org.uk/ #coding

Soundtrack for this week: from the CCA in Glasgow. 87.9MHz FM and streaming at radiophrenia.scot

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The BBC's Digital Human series is often fascinating but this episode, exploring how online experiences can massively extend and enhance a person's life, is particularly touching.


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Happy "I Love Free Software" Day everyone! Let's use this wonderful occasion to express our love and appreciation to all the people creating

Say *thank you* today ilovefs.org

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Morgan’s Law states that if something angers Piers Morgan then - no matter how complex the underlying debate we may have about its relative merits and drawbacks - it is fundamentally a good thing. On the new ad: girlonthenet.com/2019/01/15/ne Surprise SFW content wooo!

‪"Shooting yourself in the foot less harmful than shooting yourself in the head, Government suggests." bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-463

Thought I'd start with a picture. Took this while taking a midday walk yesterday.


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