2m was quite lively last night with tropospheric propogation across the UK and northern Europe. Quite a few FT8 stations on, and I was able to work stations in Denmark and Northen Ireland with 6W.

Having a listen out for some of the satellites today. My vertical antenna isn't ideal for this but I've been reliably getting snatches of conversation from AO-92 as it passed over. I think I'll need to have a go at building a directional antenna for better results.

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And of course, the important part: added some more stickers

Finally got around to looking at the chromebook @irl kindly donated back in July. I’ve replaced the end-of-life ChromeOS with Arch Linux and it is mostly running happily. Main hiccup has been that the power management doesn’t work properly - it we’ll go into sleep mode, but fails to resume afterwards. Battery life without sleeping isn’t terrible, so I might just live with that.

#technicolorrainbow Walkaway Chapter 2 

Walkaway ch.2 “What if github but buildings”

Pop Will Eat Itself: This Is the Day...This Is the Hour...This Is This!

just sorted my holiday reading for me. I've enjoyed the Doctorow I've read before, so I'm looking forward to Walkaway.

Picked up a neopixel ring on a whim to have a play with. This is it being driven by an old Arduino but I've got a Gemma board to run it as a wearable - the plan is to make a hair ornament for Laura out of it.

‪Trying to take photographs at a gig under unhelpful lighting takes me back a bit, but at least now it doesn’t cost me in film‬.

Listening to the Kermode and Softley commentary track for Hackers, lots of interesting insight into the making of the film.

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