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Me, T-Posing on main:
M̸o̵m̵ ̶s̵a̷i̴d̵ ̸i̶t̶ ̵w̵a̸s̷ ̷m̸y̵ ̷t̷u̶r̴n̷ ̴t̵o̷ ̶u̶s̵e̷ ̸t̴h̴e̸ ̶b̵r̷a̶i̷n̴ ̷c̴e̸l̵l̷

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Yeah uh serious post.
Nothing I say should be taken seriously in the slightest. This is just a really fun site and I feel welcome to be a complete ass clown persona. So please know that anything that sounds mean is just a bit, and not at all sincere.
Cause frankly going back and forth with y'all makes me feel so fucking loved and genuinely makes me happy.
If I get a bit too much or cross a line, please say so! I don't want this paradise of shitposting to be ruined for anyone

Every Xmas the Hot Chocolate meme from the Polar Express pops up again. It's super funny to me because I've NEVER seen that movie and it super confuses me every year 😂

foot fetishists do not interact 

They may have to revoke my gay card because a hot lady in this movie came out dancing with a snake and all I could think of was what a pretty ball python that is


The Final Pam gives me so much life I love her

Alexa, is it illegal to hire a hitman to kill me?

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