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What's worse is that people fall for this stuff; shameless vanity is only encouraged. One has to step away from the crowd, become somewhat aloof in order to truly become themselves. Self-realization requires solitude. A person who is swayed by group behaviour, would engage well with social media - it involves pandering to the crowd, which rewards vanity.

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Social media is terribly vain. Just saw someone post a trophy from when they helped someone out; fetching themselves praise and likes. I get that they did a good deed, but why call attention to it? There's a baser quality about persons hankering after empty applause. We all need to overcome our vanity

Can anyone with an LL.M tell me whether it has any practical value for a person looking to become a litigator?

There is much in common between stoicism and the Gita, which was fascinating to discover. I'd recommend a reading of these to anyone and everyone

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CS Lewis's allegorical tales on the Bible, the Gita, Bertrand Russel. I read all the major stoic texts - Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca and even some of Cicero. Slowly, I came to understand my purpose. I needed to know why I existed, the purpose of my life on Earth. Believe it or not, these books helped me immensely. I have several pieces of the puzzle now, and am doing my best to walk the path they point towards.

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Last year, during one of my daily metro rides home from college, the monotony of my routine - the boredom of the everyday got to my head. I asked myself, 'is this it? Is this the rest of my life? An endless cycle of eating, sleeping, working and repeating?' It had to be something greater than this surely. I was lacking for a higher purpose in life. I didn't want my life to be a mindless pursuit of wealth. Compelled by these thoughts I discovered stoicism {cont.}

'if [people] wish to love God, they [must] be prepared to do so no matter what His intentions. God is not just, God is not kind, God is not merciful, and understanding that is essential to true devotion.'

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Read Ted Chiang's short story titled 'Hell is the Absence of God' - a poignant tale which reminds us of our habit of viewing god as a means to an end. The true test of faith is to love god even when she seemingly abandons you, without any yearning that that love may be reciprocated in the future.

I think I am facing writer's block... Someone give me tips/ inspiration

An academic piece of mine, pending since the last three years, has finally seen the light of day today and gotten published. I feel like I've climbed a mountain, yet oddly sad at the same time.

Hoardings in support of Kamala Harris have propped up in and about Tamil Nadu, yet despite her Indian roots, the Hindu Sena continues to put up posters supporting Trump. Tells us all we need to know - Hindu right wing cares less about the amelioration of Hindus than it does about the bereavement of Muslims.

Realized that I haven't been posting my 'month-in-review' bit since this March. Time has lost some of its urgency since covid and the days have coalesced into a unitary whole. Can't complain though, I keep myself cheerful nonetheless.

Applying for a learner's license and I'm being asked to state my blood group, identification marks, and whether I'd like to donate my organs in case of death. Yikes...

Ufff... Certain professor won't even read the drafts I send her but will anyways comment on them. Comments are generally on aspects which are already in the paper or are entirely unfeasible.

I don't know the way ahead to be honest, this prof. is wasting my time and is universally considered incompetent by students.

The police as an institution originally emerged to keep in check socially unfavourable groups - the Irish in the UK, and racial minorities in the US. Crime control and community functions like traffic management were added later to their roster of duties. Says a lot about why police forces tend to be racist and communal.

'Nothing works. History warrants cynicism in those who study the police.' - Prof. Nirej Sekhon, Columbia Law Review

How are litigating lawyers holding up during this pandemic?

Black Warrant is such a great, fast read with some hilarious anecdotes of what goes on inside Tihar jail. Probably the funniest bit I read was about this Dy. Superintendent who would get inmates to massage him. One fine day after he had fallen asleep post a massage, the inmate-cum-masseuse, saw a golden opportunity. He wore the Dy. Sp's uniform and waltzed out of prison while receiving salutes from the sentries.

Interesting stuff from C.S. Lewis - in his book titled 'On Grief' he writes of what he calls the 'divine silence' - God ignoring his fervent questions regarding the death of his wife. In his last book -'Till we have Faces' - this is a recurrent theme and at one point the discussion in the two books is entirely identical. A beautiful work of fiction shaped by his own lived reality.

Does anyone else avoid the fighting in battle royale games by hiding in corners while the others kill each other? Easy top 20 every time in my experience.

The state of govt websites:
7 digit landline numbers, broken pages, or downright phony websites which have a homepage and nothing else. Have seen too many of these today. A person would have to file an RTI just to get contact details 🤦‍♂️

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