From a testmaneger standpoint Ubuntut 19.10 is really good release for a beta ...especially the nvidia optimus options ^^

If iam ever complaining again about LTE in germany again remind me of my past 6 days in Bristol 😅

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The german cellphone network is a practical joke when you have been working in finnland for a while...

Getting Mageia 7 Beta on my notebook to see how it performs

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Going to start pushing the GNOME Stack upgrade + Budgie git builds for #Solus tomorrow. Keep an eye on our blog for news about it, I'll put one out when the stack upgrade is complete!

Using my windows 10 notebook from the company feels like going back to discover fire and wooden sticks. Thx to all people out there developing free software and to all the distributions doing a tremendous job that our servers and my private computers can use nextcloud, ubuntu and suse

Co worker told me today that linux is crap for gaming. Showed him Dark Souls on my workstation. He went in silence ....

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Woop-woop! Wir haben endlich eine #Thunderbolt3 Dockingstation für #Linux im Sortiment!
Woop-woop! We finally have a #Thunderbolt3 docking station for #Linux in our assortment!


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Round 1, Match 6 of the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships!

Two dark horses in the contest?

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"We can't stop here - this is EDGE country"

(on a road trip through Germany, dealing with 2G mobile infrastructure)

Thx to Nextcloud, Mozilla, Startpage and the awesome Linux community i can say that i was able to remove nearly 99% of Google in my personal IT life.

Deploying a Linux test infrastrucure into a large windows eco system is kind of a pain in the ......

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Great work, many thx to the video crew and all the others that helped making this event happen again!

♲ @FOSDEM ( Video team reports that we are just over halfway done with video reviews, 311 talks released, 66 currently queued for transcoding.
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Bah, I am playing Windows support again. Mother complained that her laptop is running slow. Surprise surprise, Avast is using 100% of disk activity, eating 100% of RAM and utterly eliminating system performance.

Windows is a piece of trash and the AV software is a worse offender than the threats its trying to prevent.

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I run windows programs under wine that you can't run under windows anymore.

Windows 10 ist the most crappiest piece of software that i have to use in the company. Closely followed by my freakin Outlook that keeps freezing when i want to scroll through my companies calender. We develop everything in Linux why on god's green earth are our Tinkpads on Windows ????

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@Gargron Scroll horizontally? I only have 4 columns taking up 2/3 my screen width, can I have more?

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