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mrb ✅✅✅

Wow, this slider-based difficulty tuning accessibility option is the dream I've had for all games! As my functions deteriorate I *need* this


Why I can't make it into work tomorrow.

Retoot if you support punching Nazis😚

the word "fuck" 95 times Show more

IT'S BEEN Show more

hello, been a few days but I guess I'm still mastodoin' it

YOU: The internet is broken.

ME: Yes...

YOU: Because of RFID & weak crypto.

ME: (logs off, carries toaster to bathtub)

When did these memes pass beyond unintelligibility and start actively deconstructing our shared reality?

Possibly the only reason a loving God would have created Oasis:

Tired: a weird sun that is walk away fromed

"Please Advice."
— Me the stupidest person capable of using email