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OK, setting Far Cry 5 in "White rage, Montana" is a really great twist for the series.

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@mrb "I am curious, to say the least, to see how (or if) the game's skin color and gender choice is taken into account—and I hope it is, since debuting a black preacher with a bombed out church suggests a willingness to leverage the history of racist violence… I also wonder where the political climate will be in February of 2018, when FC5 releases."

@lucasrizoli I had the same questions, which the Ars Technica article didn't address. I also hope Ubi doesn't hedge too much in their depictions of white nationalism.

ONE HAND: fun and games
OTHER HAND: bull by the horns etc.

@lucasrizoli I'm Coppolla-illiterate, but I assume that's the profit motive saying HEY GUYS LETS DIAL IT BACK.

@lucasrizoli Or cupolas. They all blur together.