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This Say

ate plums
in icebox

no breakfast

they good

fuck man, just argued with a fallacy namer on twitter for an hour, it's masochism lads

Spending some quality time with this guy tonight.

Ramekins are mannequins of rams, pls boost

Not worried about Mastodon getting language filters because Show more

What I'm saying is, should I buy a set of fine dinner funnels to impress my friends?

"Spoonfeeding" is used to infantilize someone who can't handle grown-up ideas all at once, because normal adults don't use spoons to eat, they chow down via high-flow funnels or something, right?

I'm...not sure this is a feature I want in my earbuds.

Would rather watch literally anything besides the "Dark Universe" franchise Universal is trying to bootstrap.

mrb googles: if I had a million dollars millennial edition

It is very fine, actually other than that:

1. b) Alan Wake is a jerk genre author who hates having fans

1. a) Alan Wake is a jerk generally who lets his wife do most of the emotional and actual work in his life.

Playing through Alan Wake and I've decided to write about it as I go. For so engrossing is the fiction...

"That may sound clichéd, but it isn't."

If you say so.

Placeholder in next year's budget: "cyber insurance."

Bought Alan Wake for the low-low price of two gingersnaps and a wink (CDN).

Opened Steam to install it. Remembered about FTL. Annnnd three hours later.

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