Happy Wednesday! If you can’t pronounce “Cthulhu” (/kəˈθuːlu/), call him “Carl”

New song by , collaboration between Clara Mayef aka Yadleen SL and flutist Renata Kambarova. Awesome progress! Where will they stop?

It’s part of the Planet Y Song-Set


Today July 15th… @Clara Mayef - Yadleen SL @ 1pm @ The Sim Quarterly - JadeYu Fhang’s exibit “Le Déraciné”…

Come visit Le Déraciné at maps.secondlife.com/…/The Sim Quarter…/7/10/1403/

[flickr.com/groups/thesimquarte The Sim Quarterly Flickr group]
[facebook.com/pg/thesimquarterl Facebook Page]
[thesimquarterly.com/ Website]

New video. Music by Radio Prague: Renata K (Nay flûte and effects), Martyn Bates (Midi treatments)
Video by A LIMB

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