I tremble to ask, a bit, but I've gone down a js rabbit hole for the past few days in trying to pull a visualization together (give me python-- even perl!-- any day)

is there anyone here I can bug with some questions?

mine are, I'm sure, totally basic questions, but a lot of the resources I've found are unhelpful or out of date

@mrgah I have a suspicion that @scott or someone else over at might be able to help

@djsundog @mrgah yes ask away! I just thought a D3 workshop today so it's all fresh in my mind. :)


oh wow, thanks so much! I'm actually going through your book at the moment, and it's been super helpful

I guess one big question I had is that some of my data is tabular, and makes sense to present as a table, I think, (though there's more to what I'm doing with it than that), but I'm finding working with tables in d3 a bit inelegant (compared to all sorts of other d3 visualizations). am I missing something, or are tables kind of a pain to work with?

@mrgah Hmm, well, yes, it's my personal opinion that HTML tables have *always* been a pain to work with! :) But that's not really about D3. With D3 it should be relatively easy to, say, bind your array/rows of data, say each one to a new <tr>. Then create <td> cells as needed, populated with whatever d. values.

@mrgah I am also suffering through js for a visualization.
My nº suggestion: use jquery, it makes everything so much easier.

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