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From airlifting meat to battling misinformation, how Licious, ZappFresh & FreshToHome kept pace with online Meat deliveries during lockdown

The online meat delivery industry has come out winners during the nationwide lockdown. economictimes.com/small-biz/st

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Few people wanted to ban halal meat by tending on Twitter! Guess the trending helped to grow meat consumption!!

On a weekly basis, 48.9% men & 42.8% women consume non-vegetarian food & helped grow meat delivery startups such as Licious, FreshToHome, & ZappFresh during Lockdown!!

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Never Had Riots Here in 1984, 1992 Either': Amidst Violence, Seelampur Emerges an Oasis of Calm

The reason is a firm and unshakeable decision by residents in the region to stand united at all times and resist any attempts to strike up communal fire.

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NRC online data go missing, authorities say cloud storage period expired

The online data of Assam’s NRC showing details of included and excluded persons have suddenly disappeared from NRC official website. The details were made available in October 2019.

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on results day: Silent protest, loud message

Placards all around announced the results day: "Our protest is beyond one election. Words can be twisted. We won't allow either the winners or the losers to manipulate us," a protester said.

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How many people in India can produce “legacy documents”? Perhaps not even our prime minister, whose date of birth, college degree and marital status have all been the subject of national controversies.

Arundhati Roy writes.


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‘Muslim Detainees Beaten Up Twice’: Ex-IPS Officer on UP Police

"The Muslim (protesters) had been segregated from others. During our conversation, the non-Muslim protesters revealed that they were affiliated to BJP & RSS and so should be taken care of.”

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The costs of the CAA continue to rise with daily protests across the nation. BJP govt's arrogance has soared to such levels that they refuse to listen to the people and provide any amicable solutions to the same - causing further damage to India's economy & social fabric.

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College students stand along the PM's route to Raisina Dialogue in Delhi, holding anti-CAA placards.

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Someone complaining i didn't use mastadon for a while.. so here i am
What did i miss? 😉

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Gaya's Shantibagh is the of Bihar. Women irrespective of their religion or caste have been peacefully protesting for the last two weeks without a break.

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It was a planned attack, the home minister said last week that these people who have been branded tukde tukde gang should be taught s lesson

And that's what happened!
Abvp is acting like terror wing to silence dissent twitter.com/ReutersIndia/statu

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Hours after Sadaf Jafar’s arrest, police also arrested Mohammed Shoaib, a 76-year-old founder of the Rihai Manch, a group that fights against police repression, and S.R. Darapuri, a Dalit rights activist. Darapuri and Shoaib had been put under house arrest time.com/5757332/uttar-pradesh

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Police raided Muslim home in western UP, threatened to set it on fire, alleges young woman

The police also took away a young man on Friday. The family told @scroll_in@twitter.com they still don’t know where he is.


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"When you take permission from police and then protest then it becomes a concert. We were not here to do a concert. We will continue the protest."

- Kannan Gopinathan

Hugs my young brother 🥰

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Economy is in such a good shape that state governments are threatening centre with confrontation over unpaid compensation!
Another first in India!

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As @rkhuria@twitter.com said Adani approving his own loan!🤦‍♂️ Modi gives inappropriate authority. Cronyism

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