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For keeping things in one thread, this is now the update thread!

And the first post is:


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On the plus side, playing some beatsaber has alleviated some of the frustration at my brain.

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Today can just be yeeted into the fucking sea.

that's it send tweet

This weekend has literally been me doing some tidying up and then spending the rest of the time reading and watching youtube vids...

I'm actually tired, I might just not do either gamedev nor software dev today and just do some gaming.

I mean, I haven't done gamedev for like a week now...

Sooo I probably should get back on with that soon.

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Might just have a bath and see how I feel after...

I should do a few bits of marketing for Prophecy and then do some coding bits. After that I might actually start firing up the gamedev machine again.

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Right, time to draw up some menus etc and then something?

Dunno maybe some more coding.

Man, I'm starting to get back into a better mood than I have been over the past few days

Oh shit I haven't tweeted in like 3 days!

That's probably a good thing really.

I feel like it's time to tidy up and then crack on with the rest of this project.

Ok, base UI done to a nice standard(ish) the plan for when I wake up later is to sort the last little bits out (nicer error handling and setting up constants) before I add it to the compose file and setting up an image build/publish pipeline.

Ok, data now gets loaded from the backend.

I think I need to style the rows + header more and then crack on with the adding + updating functionality.

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