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For keeping things in one thread, this is now the update thread!

And the first post is:


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Set myself to do learning stuff today...

But talk of gamedev related things is making me want to do my next section of gamedev stuff.

Once that refactor was done and the scene issues sorted getting the rest of the ending screen working was actually very easy.

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Anyway, time to do a tutorial on getting around this problem once I’ve had some lunch.

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Oh boy, that scene stuff was a bit more of a headache than I thought.

Turns out, in Stride3D, for some reason if you add a reference to a component that’s in a parent scene (still loaded mind you) and run your project, it wipes that reference out.

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Holy fuck that took longer to implement than I thought it would.

Rather than the way unity handles scenes. Which is what I initially presumed to be the way they would work.

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The only thing left on this work is refactoring the scene into scenes to work with the way stride expects it to.

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The world progression feature is mostly done!

At least the player can progress until the world limit is hit and the game crashes.

Also, it's pretty jarring so I need to make some intermission/loading UI once I've had some dinner.

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Anyway time for a break and then on to the rest of this feature.

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The imposter syndrome side of me says that very suspicious.

Which could be true but also very unlikely.

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SO I've started on that lined up world by getting up the game for world progression!

I can't show much at the moment but the refactor to get it ready for the feature was a success.

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I might just scrape the rest of my evening plans for this week and spend saturday doing gamedev.

Set out to do gamedev today, but my brain is saying no.

Time to do nothing.

Time to grab some lunch and then to make some progress on this list for Project 2.

You know what? I'll build up that list later.

I want to do some gaming for now.

Slight refactor done, two of the components that are used around the game itself are now services that get initialised on startup.

I'm getting a bit low on the work lined up so I think I'll spend some time building up that to-do list before deciding on the next piece to do.

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