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"Puzzle your way across star systems as a courier, a courier of lovers in need of reuniting."

Starlight Path is meant to be a relaxing game with a focus on the puzzles and individual story pieces to go with them.

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You manage a city, you need to implement universal basic income and maintaining it.

You are a creature of wish magic and trickery, make the universe bend to your will.

12th Oct:

You are the only person in a world of magic, that can use a single spell at a time and you have to change it every 25 uses.

Like, physically get out your fucking gamer chair and dance!

Get that blood pumping!

Now that is over, will actually be a dance based battle royale.

A spire activates and players have to physically dance to win.

With being over, does this mean are bringing back paragon?

The only problem with me snacking all afternoon is that I'm not hungry now should have dinner.

That, and then I won't have the worry not having yet another unfinished project.

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