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For keeping things in one thread, this is now the update thread!

And the first post is:


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I was going to do make a track tonight, but I think I'll do some gaming instead.

It's time...

Time for me to get ready for work and grab a coffee!

Casual Reminder:

It's the birthday of a sacred day that happens every day.

I should probably get ready for work and make some coffee.

Right, we're up to 12 days lined up for

Time for me to sleep I think.

Actually looking at it, I've done most of my home ones, it's just the work ones I haven't done.

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Looks at todo list: ...

Yeah I’ve literally done two or three of my list.

I have like 9 items on it.

The temptation for pizza is there, but I'm gonna see what's in the freezer.

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Moved, done some ring fit, just need to wash up etc in a little bit.

Show thread I may or may not have moved from my current seat on the sofa.

Pro tip: I have not moved.

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I should also spend some time topping up the schedule cause theres only 3 left.

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Shopping done.

Tidying time and I might do some ring fit after.

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Was going to do some learning, ended up doing some ring-fit and now want to just do more gaming.

You know what will be a good idea?

Making tiny toys or experiences where the sound track is what I've learnt in music.

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