if david koch was pro life and pro drug decrim then why didn't he pour his money into that rather than destroying the planet?

need to populate my feed on here properly but it is hard to find people

in my work meeting I asked where our percentage of profits were and tried to explain how it all goes to shareholders to which I was told to become a shareholder

Probably good I’m suspended on Twitter now, probably better for my mental wellbeing

Love to be suspended from twitter for making a joke about Jeremy hunt

I wish bosses would just accept that we only work because we have rent to pay or food to buy. I’m sick of pretending to be part of a community because I share an office with people.

mental health 

using the Malvinas as a gulag for Jacob Rees-Mogg

because my brain is broken every time I see boko on breath of the wild I think about boko haram

*me reading Lenin*

Yes I agree with this

*me reading Kropotkin*

Yes I agree with this

hey so why do people have such little regard for the press? 

super smash brothers is gamesmaster Anthony: the game


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