If I post enough photos of Bombay beach do I get a spot on their tourism board asking for a friend

I livecoded in the middle of the desert for people last night and that was pretty rad

discovered the displace modifier in so I'm displacing along the normals of a cube using a spectrogram of my breath, I think... 🤷‍♀️

the actual beach at Bombay Beach def got these movie dream sequence vibes where each random couch/bed/doorway/shipwreck strewn across the desolate white sand represents a difficult memory that the main character must confront as part of their overall character development

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little kid me would've absolutely loved driving into Palm Springs bc it's full of wind turbines (bc obv I was a renewable energy fan since the start and not bc they're large metal windmill things) but also half of them have flashing red lights at night which is a bit trippy

missed connections: dude that was vibing and humming along to "On Bended Knee" just like I was at a Taco Bell off I-10 in Beaumont, CA

pumpkin pie spice blend opening up all sorts of doors in my lentil game like thom yorke in the daydreaming video

made a ruby script that before+afters
some fav mashups of 1994/1995 films w/ radiohead:

Give Up the Ghost in the Shell
The Air Up There There
The Next Karate Kid A
Miracle on 34th Street Spirit Fade out
Black Star Trek Generations
Karma Police Academy Mission to Moscow

late at night i often wonder to myself, where are all the jazz combo covers of semisonic's closing time

made lemon pound cake. lil short and a lil ugly (esp with the glaze overflow) but relatively soft insides and lemony

made a cauliflower casserole last wk and a tuna one this wk and now am fully sold on the casserole scene

do ppl make special bday casseroles w/ drawings on top bc if so i wouldn't mind an aspen art museum bday casserole (i haven't been but the the building looks pretty in pics)

part of me is really curious as to how broken social scene's 7/4 (shoreline) would sound steve reich-ified

are these healthy thoughts

‪ ‬
‪- had a white suit w black bow tie + it wasn’t terrible (rarely wear white irl tho)‬
‪- had a large dog w curly parchment colored coat that jumped on cabinets. i dream a lot abt having dogs. ‬
‪-switched to roundereyed plastic frames. have been contemplating this move irl.‬

little known fact: i am not the derek kwan who played saxophone in hoobastank

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