i just found out about souffle potatoes and they sound incredible. i don't think i've even had the one with the words reversed and that sounds good too.

did you know that nikko likes eating eggs? if there were a local egg eating contest for cats, i bet she would place at least top 20, not that i don't believe in her but there are prob bigger cats than her out there even though i call her big cat

yeah i make my own coffee blends (sometimes i pour in trader joe's cold brew instant coffee powder with the trader joe's 100% colombian instant coffee powder)

the drummer character in macross 7 barely has any lines and is just constantly drumming on random things (even when people are trying to have convos) like walls, various ship panels, and their pants and i find the character pretty relatable tbh

this tune was the first tune of my set with at the 2020 network music festival and i first performed an early version of this in the desert. it's about different frames of reference: a town at different times in your life, a setting in different seasons, different shoes to walk in, coming back to a familiar place after a long walk, or what have you.

sc: soundcloud.com/dxkzh/frames-of

bc: derekxkwan.bandcamp.com/track/

last night I dreamt I wore earrings and it was a glorious dream. if I ever got my ears pierced irl I'd totally try to find 蛋撻 earrings.

been sitting on a few recorded tunes and in the middle of recording a new one and this one is the first of them. i was building up for my 2020 network music festival set with but cut it because I was running out of room.


I watched a hummingbird docu the other night and learned that ruby-throated ones cross the Gulf of Mexico and also dibs on the name "hummingbirds cross oceans" for something

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While EARN IT attempts to avoid acknowledging the elephant in the room—its attack on encryption—the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act puts it at the center of a three-ring circus. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/06/sena

I dreamt about a mango pudding pizza like a week ago that I didn't get to taste before I woke up and ya it sounds a little weird but at least it would make a half-decent band or collective name who knows follow your dreams or at least eat your dreams

didn't turn into a slow jam like i thought it would snipperoobadoo

expanded on my last tune from the live set this past sunday and named it after a place where i went on my first camping trip along with friends i made in the desert


there was this pop tune on the radio which I found p bland but it was going for this epic orch thing w superreverby pillowy strings + epic bass drum w the mix superwet but the reverb tails were cut super short so as to not muss up the mix and I totally have to steal that idea now

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