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People at must do the sickest kind of LSD available. Listen at what this videos says while letting the overly positive images and music do its magic.

- “How’s that coming along?”
- “Well.. you know…"

Does anyone know where to find a mechanical drawing for the - maybe including the heatsink and the M2X extension board? There doesn’t seem to be any at

Need the exact measures.

Looking for someone with a strong mathematical background and the ability to express it in C/C++ for a small freelance gig. Ping me for more info!

On a Monday morning I'm starting to realize how much I miss Seoul's coffee culture. Coffee throughout Germany is hit-and-miss and it's impossible to get consistent quality. Unlike in Asia, it's hard to find artisanry in Europe.

Does anyone know of a breakout rocking either the ZED-F9H/K/P or the NEO-M8P-2 that only contains of the necessary things (I2C/SPI/UART) and is available at a more humane price point than SparkFun’s RTK boards?

Frankly speaking, these type of notifications are pointless You could at least differentiate between a gain in muscle and a gain in bodyfat, since I'm pretty happy with the former. Turning your notifications off now.

After too much trouble with I ported my code to and got everything working in no time - not least due to the helpful people in their IRC channel. 👍

Really like the form factor of the ROC-RK-3399-PC. Even with the M.2 extension it's as thin as this already ridiculously thin Asus Zenbook 3.

People reaching out publicly on LinkedIn to ask for opinions on technical details are somewhat the equivalent of people going to a bar to ask for marriage advice.

Giving up on for now. Too many issues, too little documentation and too few things that work “out of the box”. Struggling to make fast progress since even basic things don’t seem to be functioning right away and there seems to be no community support available.

I present to you German “efficiency”:

- Hong Kong to Germany (~8900km), one day.
- One German city to another (~200km), six days.

… plus an additional day since the driver didn’t feel the need to come by my office today and therefor will probably come by tomorrow.

Debugging my code on a very low level, because the official documentation is lacking info in so many places.

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