Not exactly sure what all this C memory safety bashing that’s recently happening on Twitter is about, but I can very well imagine how Kernel/embedded devs are having a great time reading those pantywaist programmers’ tweets.

Just sold my Blink S2 and already miss it.

Can someone explain me why the Japanese version of the is 50g lighter than the international models? 🤔

Have to admin that did an awesome job with the WD_BLACK designs!

Waiting for over a minute now, thinking how next generations will beat the crap out of us for screwing up the whole effin internet.

Guess we have to admit that has always been right..


Literally nobody:

Germans: You’ve reached 80% of the ridiculously small amount of mobile data you pay a crazy amount of money for.

Performing a full off-site backup of around 1.2TB over pre-historic infrastructure.

The rebel has arrived, it's time to start the!

Only in Germany: contracting to clean Berlin’s streets using an Twizy electric vehicle with a stinking gasoline engine mounted on its trunk that runs no matter whether something is being cleaned or its just driving around. 🤙🏼

Looks like my MacBook’s battery has started to inflate, making the bottom part bulge. Had to remove my custom made vinyl-cover so I can send it in for repair. :-(

That’s what 110€ per month get you in Germany: 6GB of interwebs fun over .

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