I’m migrating to @joinMastodon@twitter.com and will decrease my activity here. Feel free to connect on !


Testing @rustlang@twitter.com here while waiting for help from someone at @RIOT_OS@twitter.com regarding an issue with the xtimer/ztimer on the @SiFive@twitter.com HiFive1b.

@brunoph just bought Mastonaut, love the icon as well as the great app altogether!

Is it possible to switch it to dark mode individually?

Google Cloud Platform is a lot of fun, in a slightly masochistic way.

Thanks @ctavan@twitter.com, this saved me a few hours!

A lifting force is accompanied by a downward deflection of the air-flow. It is an angular deflection in the fluid flow, aft of the body.

The moment when disbelief, angst and complete bewilderment hits and you suddenly realize what you got yourself into.

Trying my best to get away from Google search. @DuckDuckGo@twitter.com has been my default search engine for a while now. Unfortunately it makes it very hard to work efficiently. Even with precisely formulated queries, finding the answer takes so much more time than with Google. :-(

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