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Wondering why tech folks still let themselves being triggered by douchebag tweets like this. Maybe someday we will realize the side-effects of our contributions to the amplification of stupidity and ignorance through “social” media.

This is ridiculous. Quota increases are arbitrary on Tried contacting like 6 different people at about this, nothing worked. Signed up for a paid support plan now. That's the support you get at when you pay for it.

So, there's me, hacking my way through's for several months using only their crappy web UI and and then there's who's just like “Hey, have you tried” …

Developers: “How about making the configuration identica…” project maintainer: “Wait, I have a fun idea, hold my beer!”

I guess this means I use quite a lot.

All dependencies updated, including which is now at version 9 and all builds back on green

Me: "Hey Raspberry users, here, have a couple of free STLs for download, to 3D-print and use with your Raspberry Pi 4!” community moderators: “Gfto.”

My journal is now available via


Get and check it out!

Btw, thanks to it’s easily possible to have always at your fingertips.

My life on right now. 🤦🏻‍♂️

What the...?

Saw an ad on in which this guy showed up for a split second. I watched it again and again because he seemed familiar. Turns out I took a photo of him two years ago during my time in Tokyo.
What s small world it is.

Waiting for that evil build on ...

Something Germany definitely does not have plans for: Modesty.

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