Finally took the time to rewrite the accounting Rewrote a set of Node.js tools in Go and built a neat integration into the existing time-tracking tooling.

“During a single round-trip from North America to Europe, the plane’s jet engines would burn more energy per passenger than the passengers would be able to generate with their own muscles over their entire lifespan.”

“It is ironic that no one responsible for potential war crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan has been punished. Yet the publisher who exposed these potential crimes is the one in the dock.”

US health 

@sir isn’t it possible to get a guesstimate upfront on how much certain things will cost?

Model-T by gets tested in Toshima Ward convenience store.

Testing here while waiting for help from someone at regarding an issue with the xtimer/ztimer on the HiFive1b.

The PC/laptop market is so incredibly stupid. Why would you ever make features/specs exclusive to specific colours of the enclosure of a device? What is this asininity?

Gleam looks like a very nice and language on the Erlang/BEAM. By the looks of the sample projects (e.g. it feels much more lightweight than Elixir.

@brunoph just bought Mastonaut, love the icon as well as the great app altogether!

Is it possible to switch it to dark mode individually?

I'm starting to see a pattern, there are two extremes, either my computer expects me to be Dennis Ritchie, or it thinks I'm senile and blind.

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Funny how some places with an 800x smaller GDP are able to provide faster cable and 4G across every city, even in the most rural areas.

I get higher speeds on this tiny island in the Atlantic on which I currently am, than I ever got in Berlin or Munich.

“Additionally, those new to a language (and especially those new to programming) will often attempt to manually write many functions for which a more robust and optimized equivalent already exists […]”

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