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Especially in the ecosystem app business models are becoming more and more absurd, with monthly subscriptions on everything – from trackers (time, water intake, sleep, exercise …), to graphic programs, programming tools (git clients, ...) and even editors.

Some day you'll be able to have Alexa on every part of your body. On *every*.

Anyone in that can do fast & good quality of PETG (maybe even PETG-CF)? Need someone to team up with for a prototype and need to be able to do fast iterations. DM me!

App store reviews, das Sprachrohr der wahlberechtigten Bevölkerung.

Hyper-portable datacenter in the making, featuring:

- 2x 970 Pro 512GB NVMe
- 4x 860 QVO 4TB SATA3 SSD
- Kraken X42
- SF450
- 5x Ethernet
- WiFi

All that in a custom designed 20x21x27cm enclosure that fits the cabin luggage limits.

Hack like a pornstar. Because that’s what pornstars do irl, they’re full-time members.

Finally a company that actually deserves this title.

Anyone having this issue where hangs and goes crazy after macOS resumes from sleep?

Just noticed that when you read in German it says grave/tomb. Maybe not the best name in case they’d ever wanted to expand to the DACH area.

It’s so frustrating. Cities across the world are drowning in this air-polluting sea of antiquated technology, but politicians are still afraid to take action and execute on ideas for eliminating this chaos. And no, buying a won’t help to solve this issue. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Heatsink + fan. Fits pretty damn well, super lightweight and keeps the around 32°C.

It’s disturbing how skewed and out of touch with reality the individual city ratings on are. Either the “scores” are paid for or the people who rate there are quite special in what type of environment they prefer.

on tweets is cool. But doing on saved drafts or even discarded tweets… now that’s where things start to get interesting.

Preparing first field test. Let's see if I get tackled down by police. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It's funny how "real men" feel threatened by a 16 year-old-girl.

Was so ziemlich auf das selbe hinausläuft

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