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The Khadas is becoming a real shit-show. The company is asking users/clients to send them infos about the projects they’re intending to build on top of the NPU in order to get access to the SDK.

Only in Germany: contracting to clean Berlin’s streets using an Twizy electric vehicle with a stinking gasoline engine mounted on its trunk that runs no matter whether something is being cleaned or its just driving around. 🤙🏼

Love how’s own just became a full replacement of , and all the other paid/subscription-based todo lists. This will hopefully add pressure on developers to deliver higher quality applications at a more reasonable price. 👍🏼

Looks like my MacBook’s battery has started to inflate, making the bottom part bulge. Had to remove my custom made vinyl-cover so I can send it in for repair. :-(

That’s what 110€ per month get you in Germany: 6GB of interwebs fun over .

Imho finally needs an iOS app.

Re-installation of with a different hard-drive setup/partition layout took less than 30 minutes thanks to their `configuration.nix`.

Qualifikationen für Ämter sind nicht nötig, weil auch die Vorgänger in den Ämtern bislang keine hatten.

Especially in the ecosystem app business models are becoming more and more absurd, with monthly subscriptions on everything – from trackers (time, water intake, sleep, exercise …), to graphic programs, programming tools (git clients, ...) and even editors.

Some day you'll be able to have Alexa on every part of your body. On *every*.

Anyone in that can do fast & good quality of PETG (maybe even PETG-CF)? Need someone to team up with for a prototype and need to be able to do fast iterations. DM me!

App store reviews, das Sprachrohr der wahlberechtigten Bevölkerung.

Hyper-portable datacenter in the making, featuring:

- 2x 970 Pro 512GB NVMe
- 4x 860 QVO 4TB SATA3 SSD
- Kraken X42
- SF450
- 5x Ethernet
- WiFi

All that in a custom designed 20x21x27cm enclosure that fits the cabin luggage limits.

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