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“The best does not always win”
-, Start With Why

You can’t have a great product, without people who love working on it.

Would be funny if pulls back out of Germany just to show some fingers. From a market perspective, Germany isn’t really attractive anyway, with plenty of people and places not even using/accepting (credit) cards. Hello , btw!

The GCC should have a `--rude` flag that tells you in a very rude way when you write dumb code.

Saturday evening at a fully booked ramen place in Berlin: Single guy comes in, asks the waitress for a table, they both look around seeing no empty place, he refuses to leave, suddenly walks to a group of 3 (sitting at a 4 person table), asks if the chair is free and sits down.

Not exactly sure what all this C memory safety bashing that’s recently happening on Twitter is about, but I can very well imagine how Kernel/embedded devs are having a great time reading those pantywaist programmers’ tweets.

The email support is disturbingly good. Had trouble with a domain migration and received a very detailed mail on the issue and the next steps. 👍🏼
Long story short: It seems this was’s fault and they now charged me for an additional year. 👎🏼

Just sold my Blink S2 and already miss it.

Can someone explain me why the Japanese version of the is 50g lighter than the international models? 🤔

Have to admin that did an awesome job with the WD_BLACK designs!

Waiting for over a minute now, thinking how next generations will beat the crap out of us for screwing up the whole effin internet.

Guess we have to admit that has always been right..


Literally nobody:

Germans: You’ve reached 80% of the ridiculously small amount of mobile data you pay a crazy amount of money for.

Ruin a date in five words:

Latte with oat milk, please.

Beating C with 80 lines of Haskell via

My experience with has been subpar up until now. Ordered devices on monday, that I urgently need for a project.
First their b2b support seemed to have messed up the registration documents I sent.
Now communication stopped and I don't get any order-status.
Not cool. 👎

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