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TIL how young people greet each other on weekend nights here in Lisbon:

“Hey, you want hashish?”

It’s always nice to learn about other cultures.

Mobile internet in Lisbon, Portugal is – just like in most EU countries – slow to virtually non-existing.

Even starting to believe this “NOS” provider-label on my iPhone stands for No Outbound Service or something.

Portugal seems to be a nightmare in terms of rentals. Only a third of the places I rented there so far were accurate and actually worth the $ - everything else were rip-offs. Oh boy.

Pro tip: Book your enemy a long-haul red-eye with, if you enjoy seeing them suffering.

“German authorities are waking up to a Windows 7 headache, with approximately €800,000 required in order to keep the elderly software supported a little longer.”

“Germany is intolerant, bigoted and authoritarian, he says. And he’s barely started.”

Just gave a 5-star review on Google to for kicking out parents with strollers. 👍🏼

If you’re sick and you cannot stop coughing but you still feel like gong to a coffee shop only to sit there with you laptop and work, you’re being a dick.

Apple had to replace the top case / bottom cover of my MBP after the battery expanded, so I had to rip apart my self-made skin. Luckily those vinyl stickers are pretty high quality, so I managed to put everything back without much trouble. 👍🏼

Sometimes just walking away from something doesn’t mean failing, but rather that there’s nothing more constructive you could add to it.

If you remove your SIM card from your Android phone and barely turn the display on, its battery life is pretty decent.

It’s funny how acted like he had big balls by disallowing political ads on, but on the other hand we get ads from supporters of right-wing parties trying to sell their books, which - who would have thought - are 100% policy-related.

“The best does not always win”
-, Start With Why

You can’t have a great product, without people who love working on it.

Would be funny if pulls back out of Germany just to show some fingers. From a market perspective, Germany isn’t really attractive anyway, with plenty of people and places not even using/accepting (credit) cards. Hello , btw!

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