I'm finally getting somewhere with my raglan calculator, and now I'm less mad at PHP, but more mad at knitting.

So apparently some sort of crumbling is happening? Should I make some apple crumble? In my household we call it Crapple Umble and then laugh, because we are dorks.

Started writing a handy web form to calculate my knitting stitch counts, and now I'm mad at PHP.

Oh dear. I fear I have badly confused a bunch of knitters this morning, when I tried to explain my mathematically-precise method for calculating a top-down raglan.

I have repaired my broken lamp! And I’ve decided that my theme for this year is going to be . I want more , both literally and metaphorically.

Alas! My desk lamp has expired, in a tragically fetid cloud of scorched bakelite.

Ran out to the office supply for a couple of things, and it was such a relief that they were playing Toto instead of Contemporary Holiday Hits. I guess what I'm saying is, bless the rains down in Africa.

I had assumed he was named after Freddie King, or possibly Freddie Mercury, but I’m starting to think his name is actually short for Freddled Gruntbuggly.

Freddie the cat can do a full cartoon scrambling wind-up on the slippery kitchen floor, before he finally manages enough friction to launch himself across the house.

Oh right, I needed to reduce the precision. Twenty minutes, much better.

Aaarrrgh, why is this dumb fractal rendering at seven and a half pixels per second. Estimated time remaining: 110 hours.

We added a bunch of apples and tangerines to our Halloween selection this year, and I’m impressed by how many kids seem excited about them.

When I’ve just clicked a link in an e-mail so I can read somebody’s web page, the thing I like best is a giant, page-obscuring pop-up insisting that I sign up to be added to their e-mail list. That is, the one I’m already on, that sent me the link in the first place.

#lewd #halloween 

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