‪Someone found the warm spot and is snoring already. ‬

I saw a car in my neighborhood with a QAnon sticker on the window and I'm trying to figure out the best way to notify them that they're a dumbass.


I played FrostPunk for my first hour last night and manged to run out of coal and kill everyone. Go me.

Nightmarish to think that Maersk only got back online because a single Domain Controller in Ghana was offline. wired.com/story/notpetya-cyber

@seb_ly the components are probably under export restriction so they can't sell to companies or entities that are under economic sanction

I gave myself a papercut with dental floss. Minty fresh suffering.

The voice of the prince in Disenchantment is the same guy from the IT Crowd and I’m glad they’re keeping his archetype correct.

Sure glad I paid the dentist to give me this continual headache for days on end.


I got new glasses and so what if they’re the same as my old glasses they’re new and the right Rx and I love them

When is the Library of Congress going to start archiving toots?

So tonight’s theme is LaCroix eh? Regular or Vape LaCroix?

Local nooz showing off hail damage. It's a chair and a patio table. WE MUST REBUILD.

reading all the memes around here is like singing along to "Particle Man"

regular horse. regular horse. does all the things like a regular horse.

I made a doodle blob. It's my ugly lil blob fella. He has leaves for some reason.

/buys puppy a $50 dog bed, logs in to see him asleep under the table on the floor

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I don't mind letting the corporate surveillance state into my house because it means at any moment I can logon and look at my puppy

I bought a box of pumpkin spice coffee yesterday from the clearance section and it's probably super old but imma drink the heck out of it

Did anybody else spend their formative internet years on ? Probably explains a lot about me.

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