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Today's the kind of day where I screw up following a recipe...

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I beat Splatoon 2 story mode a week ago, and I've learned two things...

1) I'm bad at the Octo Expansion
2) The music is annoyingly catchy and I've had Tidal Rush stuck in my head for a week

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For all those that say the moon landing was fake. What do you say now?

* Origin: Twitter (

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DnD character build idea: a guy finds out his husband is a powerful forest spirit and that he's now technically a warlock. Deadly Shopping Trip Hijinks Ensue


A company runs a commercial offering a "free pest estimate". Do you know how annoyed I am that they didn't call it a "pestimate"?

@kryger did you see the KH3 video today? Showing the new world, and some familiar characters...

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The ritual complete, the demon appeared in the pentagram.
"You did not summon me last week," it rumbled.
"I'm sorry. The kitchen flooded-"
"I finished the book."
The demon held the book out for her sigil-bound hand.
"Did you like it?"
"I did. I would like to discuss it."

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Linux 4.18 gets Valve's Steam Controller kernel driver.

Developed via reverse-engineering. Allowing the controller to be used with any Linux application.

It will not conflict with the official Steam driver: this one detects if anyone (e.g. Steam) is using the hidraw device and disable itself if so.

This driver brings tinkering around with 3rd party utilities to an end.

So much looking forward to for Linux gamers!


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tired: script kiddies. 😣
wired: script kitties! :nyancat_rainbow: :nyancat_rainbow: :nyancat_rainbow: :nyancat_body: :nyancat_face: 👍

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Mood swings are tons of fun. Thanks, brain, I totally wanted this after a long day.

@PsychoLlama except for the debate on hacker news about what "open core" entails...

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@amdt @JordiGH the Fossil SCM apparently does this, though I've never tried it myself

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