Ending every post with "1/?" to create tension
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Hey so

My one girlfriend is a young trans girl living in NC. She is facing homelessness in like two weeks-ish, if not sooner. She doesn't have any options for an income because of her depression, there are no options for housing that either of us can find. Her abusive parents are actively violent and hunting her down and the pharmacy just refused to refill her estrogen. She's running out of options and neither of us know what to do.

If you could donate or reboost it would mean so fucking much to us. Even just a little bit, whatever you can manage.


[being shown around at the Canadian mint]
guy: And this machine makes the coins
me: ahh, that makes cents
guy: not anymore!

I'm homeless with 0 income.

The next payment for my storage (32€ every 4 weeks), which holds the last few valuables that still haven't been taken from me, will bounce and I might lose the last bit of what I have.

Everything I make, I release for free as a matter of principle, so if you have spare cash it'd be really nice if you could help out.

I can receive money via bank transfer (DM for IBAN) or get recurring donations via patreon:


(boosts welcome)

Misgendering I guess 

Will someone please tell the liberal academics that always using "she" as the pronoun for a hypothetical person instead of defaulting to "he" is not as progressive as they think it is?!

I swear I lose a year off my life every time

There's already a pronoun you can use for that!!!! 😬

@skelly always make your wife some cofe in the morning
what is the point of this.
also remember that you can spend a little more on a roku and get years of support.
hell they still support some of the first rokus even today, this being an android-based stick, by nature it won't last long, that and the search is crappy, that and it doesn't even support amazon's own echo dot...like roku does. and price differences, a normal fire tv stick is only $10 more.
not to mention that new smart TV's like TCL TV's which are a great deal come with a roku that's much faster.

so i will ask again.. what's the point?

reddit "libertarians" (mild quoted ableism. sorry) 

this post reads like that classic that goes

"i'm not pro-choice OR pro-life i'm pro-education. i think we simply need to educate people about abortion so they can decide for themselves"

"that's pro-choice dumbass"

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