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4:18 AM: I foun a pretty damned great guitar tone.

Later today, I'm probably gonna change everything about it. Because I hate myself.

Or maybe not.

Hopefully not.

But maybe.

"Therefore, one may argue that the process of socialization of genders leads us to believe that women are more caring than men. This in turn, naturalizes the sex division of labour so we don’t think this is abnormal. The separation of work into gendered spheres within capitalism has lead to the undervaluation of women’s work both in the household and the labour market."

Is it just me, or are people who go into real estate or consulting the type to have given up on life?

This is a first: someone in their car loudly blasting​ Indian music.

The guy sitting next to me is manspreading so much you'd think he was annexing the suttendland.

"All of this creates divisive energy. You're not bringing people together. You're not encouraging dialogue or a sense of understanding. Now if you're talking about trying to make things progress in any society, if you create division, what do you get? You get fucking Theresa May. You get [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, you get fucking Trump. That's divisive."

Fuck you, Thom.

I wish I knew the $mkdir path/{subdirectory1,sybdirectory2,subdirector3,etc} earlier in my days

Re-sharing because this is an important read: 

"Armed movements that form around religions and sects under conditions of political instability are likely to be intolerant and violent. In the absence of overwhelming state monopoly of the means of violence, each sect begins to acquire as much weaponry as it can, presumably to protect its members against other sects and against the foreign occupier."

Much as I want the movie to succeed (more super-heroines on screen + DC could do with a decent movie after 10 years of crap), I can't ignore that Gal Gadot is Israeli, has fought for the IDF, and has railed against Hamas.

I still need to get around to re-importing the character mesh and test level into 3, but it feels like a pain, even though the process was apparently simplified. Gotta check the docs before doing that.

أيام البرد و أيام الشتي
و الرصيف بحيرة و الشارع غريق
تجي هاك البنت من بيتها العتيق
و يقلا انطريني و تنطرعالطريق
و يروح و ينساها و تدبل بالشتي

حبيتك بالصيف حبيتك بالشتي
نطرتك بالصيف نطرتك بالشتي
و عيونك الصيف و عيوني الشتي
ملقانا يا حبيبي خلف الصيف و خلف الشتي

مرقت الغريبة عطيتني رسالة
كتبها حبيبي بالدمع الحزين
فتحت الرسالة حروفها ضايعين
و مرقت أيام و غربتنا سنين
و حروف الرسالة محيها الشتي

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