Do I have the ending song of a 40 year old musical on repeat as I finish my new 99 Problems article I looked up for a single joke?

Yes, yes I do.

Good news:
I learned how to card template non-Magic cards for playtesting. I love MSE, but it's not good for actual data analysis. I'm clearly not up to templating for something like MSE anyway, but I need something to print out for cards.
Excel + Publisher.
So, go me.

I submitted my new 99 Problems piece. It talks about the upcoming rotation and which cards might be beneficial for you to pick up financially.

I was going to spoof the Sarah McGlachlan Pets ad with the song "Angel" (In the arms of an Angel...) but I figured that might be in bad taste to people who love animals and whatnot. I love them too, but it's a serious thing and I don't want to be a jerk.

So instead I tied it in with a movie about abandoning a kid in the woods.

So a win/win, right?

New 99 Problems goes up tomorrow (hopefully). I take a look at the PAX Panel with the mechanics and what they mean for Commander.

As for tonight, working on my office. It's getting better and better. School starts this week for the kids so we'll see the sleeping schedules play out soon. Looking at times to stream in a few weeks.

So I have a MTGCP shirt for pax (as seen on my twitter account), but I looked into getting a hat.

A custom hat is crazy expensive. Now I know why people do shirts all of the time.

Article 02 of 99 Problems won't have a movie tie in (nothing that I could find that fits naturally), but I see some aspects from the first piece that I'm continuing as well.
One of those is the fake "title sequence" with song.
You'll get the song here first with one of my favorite videos online:]

This also means I have to watch 27 Dresses and not go by Movies with Mikey's awesome Deep Dive:

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Working on my next piece for Cool Stuff Inc. I think I'm going to keep tying in the movie thing while I'm at it I was looking to do it with movies I owned but I hit a snag.
I'm going to be talking about the 33 CMDR decks I own/building. If I went with movies I own, then I could make some analogy to Infinity War. If it's movies my wife "owns" (I have the DVD in my library, but it's not mine), it's 27 Dresses.
Truly, this is Problem 1 of 99 Problems.

So my new article on Cool Stuff Inc went up this morning. It's my true return to writing about Commander.
One thing I'm most proud about is taking back the 99 Problems name.

Is it weird I just bought a custom shirt with my logo on it?

Last night I submitted a piece for a new column I'm writing. With luck, it should go up tomorrow. Parts of it are a little weird from a Magic content place, and I wouldn't have a problem with it on my site. But it's not my site and I have to listen to the editor.
It's the type of style I would love to keep doing but if it doesn't fit with the site nor the audience doesn't like it, I'll have to ditch it.
That's the nerve wracking part.

So, I may be using this as a “behind the scenes” type of thing I used to do on Twitter before it became my primary social media. People who are following me now on Masty hopefully find what I say interesting. Of course, I can’t wait until 5 years from now when it will be used against me in a social mob.

Mark Rosewater put up his annual State of Design this morning (

I’ll have some things to say but for the most part I agree with him. Of course, he didn’t focus on Commander nor the two Masters sets, which is understandable. But I wish he did.

Every year before PAX I’m like “I should print up new business cards. Then I’m like, “What, for the 2 people you’ll give them to?” Either I’m not doing enough networking or people already know me.

Or I need to get better business cards.

Of course, it all depends of this site doesn't crash on me and I can figure out the different hubs.

But yeah, I like the layout here.

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I'll be stretching content here, I think. I doubt I'll still do too much on facebook (almost none at all) and Tumblr (almost none at all).
I don't have a Instagram, should I?

I have a Mastodon account and this is it. So, there it is.


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