Last night sitting on my couch reading things online I came across:

Why is it that we don't talk about people who suffer from depression and anxiety can also have major memory issues?

I, sitting on my couch at home, said out loud (unintentionally aloud):

Well. Because we forgot?

I had to explain to the husband. He burst out laughing with me.

Political snark 


via CNN: BREAKING: David Koch, billionaire businessman and influential GOP donor, has died.

May his memory be for a warning.

The next step of aging, which I was DESPERATELY wanting?

Multifocal contact lenses. Progressives, folks. I mean. I can READ again. Been about two months that it crossed the threshold into a problem and in the last week I've lost the ability to read my phone or most web pages. So.

OH MY GODS... Hi World. (hugs) It's good to have you back without massive pain and effort.

Headlines that are totally real 

Dr Google 

I have friends that... 

Headline of the day: (state) Senate Advances Bill To Make It Clearer That Guns Are Allowed In Churches 

That moment when...

You realize you're both old... and dirty minded. You see names in the news and you think "Wait, what, that porn star is doing what now?"

To discover it's a relatively well known person on social media with the same name.

Hee hee, oops?

Gizmodo, how I love thee 

Headline of the day 

I keep reading it wrong.

It's not Halo: Master Chef.

Damn it, brain.

Now Apocalypse. 

In moments that shock me not at all, articles panning Captain Marvel quote?

James Woods

As a thing? That means I DEFINITELY have to see it now. Not that I've had my tickets since a couple of days ago (date with the hub on Saturday). But if I hadn't? This'd've gotten me there.

Second draft sent in.

Fret fret fret. We're 500 words over and we know it. But also cannot see where to get them out.

And now we wait.

Headline of the day: Vaginal laser treatment tied to complications like scarring

All I'm saying is that as a sci-fi fan I misread that a very specific way that also indicates I would be reading FAR different article than actually was there.

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