Watching several billion dollars being found and spent for a virus while having lived through the 80s: try'n not to be salty.

I think I've found my memoir's title:

Loping With Wild Packs of Drag Queens - When Sarcasm Was Born

Language but funny 

It's not even Wednesday and yet I love the song. Warning for language.

The fun bit is that the husband almost died laughing. Choking. Part of why he was there - laughter = choking.

Are you trying to kill me?
What, here in day surgery where there are teams of people RIGHT HERE who could save you? No. Or at least plausibly no.

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Same day, almost killed the husband prior to his bronchial thingie. How, you ask?

I'd had a neurological exam prior to going to be his escort while he was under heavy sedation. Sitting by his bed, waiting unexpectedly for him to go in, in the first place, I say to him:

Oh. My neurologist wants you to know I'm not dead inside.

See while doing reflex tests he noted mine were slightly deadened. To which I said: My husband says I'm dead inside. He told me to say the above to him.

Unintentional hilarity ensues when the husband is in a bed being wheeled off for a bronchial scopey type dealie and I say, out loud, "Just one more question, for a friend, but does he HAVE to wake up?"

Nurse 1: Unamused. A lot.
Nurse 2: Y'all are wrong, both of you.
Husband: Laughing and giving me the finger over his head.

In healthcare. A physician asks why (with tone) we're not allowing Dropbox on our network. Everyone uses it!

In healthcare no one does because (the internet of all things) list of reasons. Dude. We're in Canada. At the very least I can guarantee your personal account has not had the vetting required to push it to a Canadian server because I'm certain you don't even know that's a THING.

What nobody's mentioning about Cybertruck is that it isn't an environmentally sustainable choice. Wars have been fought, and Cybertron's Energon reserves are almost depleted.

Last night sitting on my couch reading things online I came across:

Why is it that we don't talk about people who suffer from depression and anxiety can also have major memory issues?

I, sitting on my couch at home, said out loud (unintentionally aloud):

Well. Because we forgot?

I had to explain to the husband. He burst out laughing with me.

Political snark 

So... saw Wexit hashtags. Just a reminder that if Alberta et al decide to leave it'll actually be worse for them. Because if, as some suggest, BC goes on ITS own? Sovereign country with the right to say "yeah, Nope" to the pipeline without negotiation or a care in the world. I mean. This shit is so tiring and needs to stop. It's like watching someone you are supposed to respect throw a temper tantrum a la a 3 year old. We get it. You're unhappy. EVERYONE is right now. oi.


Over on Tumblr: 6 prompts. 6 stories.

Well ooookay then.

1112 words
576 words
654 words
631 words
696 words
696 words

Total of 4365 words. Huh. This says something but I'm not sure what. This is all today and in my down time. For FUN. Which... it's been a while.

via CNN: BREAKING: David Koch, billionaire businessman and influential GOP donor, has died.

May his memory be for a warning.

The next step of aging, which I was DESPERATELY wanting?

Multifocal contact lenses. Progressives, folks. I mean. I can READ again. Been about two months that it crossed the threshold into a problem and in the last week I've lost the ability to read my phone or most web pages. So.

OH MY GODS... Hi World. (hugs) It's good to have you back without massive pain and effort.

Headlines that are totally real 

but don't read that way.

Robert Pattinson confirmed to star as Batman in 2021 movie


Dr Google 

I love Dr Google. Where you've got symptoms and you put them into Google and see how you're dying today?

Today's death: Either an abdominal aneurysm (which can kill) or kidney stones (which can feel like it's killing you).

Reality: I'm just older now and slept wrong?

I have friends that... 

I've got friends who go to horse races. I am somehow less inclined to think they'd be rushing out to purchase this but in a few cases of thinking about this made me laugh out loud at work.

Headline of the day: (state) Senate Advances Bill To Make It Clearer That Guns Are Allowed In Churches 

First three guesses at which state are free. Talk about leaning into a series of tropes...

That moment when...

You realize you're both old... and dirty minded. You see names in the news and you think "Wait, what, that porn star is doing what now?"

To discover it's a relatively well known person on social media with the same name.

Hee hee, oops?

Gizmodo, how I love thee 

Headline of the day:

Science Professor Reportedly Admits to Making MDMA With His Students Because What the Hell

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