Headline of the day: Adorable snowshoe hares found to routinely feast on their own dead: study

This fits my worldview, already. From shirt.woot.com/offers/you-have:

And yes, I own this shirt.

Hugo nominations are open! So this is where I casually mention that the Devil's West books (4 novels + shorts) is eligible for a Best Series nom, right?


So... Just got asked to co-submit a paper to a conference. Yay. Come to find out... it's kiiiinda a big conference in that field. Ok.

Same day get contacted by a different person who wants to cite (though, really, more of a paraphrase/quote) something I've said a few times at lectures. Ok.

Um. Did the world just decide I need a nerve wracking pick me up? :P

Your inspiration for the day (and something to wave in front of the next jerk who reiterates the ‘kids are slackers today’ BS- ask them what THEY were doing when they were 19.)


@Gargron : One of the distinct pleasures is the ease of muting random spam "wanna see me naked" bots (not my thing, not a judgement). Muuuuch appreciated on how easy that is to do here.

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National coming out day.


Sweetie. People in SPACE see me out of that closet. I've got nothing to add but a lack of judgement about anyone else's journey and a safe space in which to rest along the way.

Article: Amazon patents new Alexa feature that knows when you're ill and offers you medicine

Ok. I want a male voice for this and I want it to deride me with "you're not THAT sick, damn it"... and I will be able to remove the husband shaped thing in my life.

Technology IS gonna make my life great. :P

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So. The chapter draft is done. Just formatting and references collected by my coauthor. And... first full draft is COMPLETE.

Honestly... the thing just tightened up after two hours of hammering at it together today. There's actually a kind of mic drop to the end.


Critical Social Work and HIV/AIDS.


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And immediately upon hitting send I'm reminded of a meeting this weekend (via skype thank the gods) about the chapter. Damn it!

I have to people AND adult. All at once.

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