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Nothing gets done. Speeches, inquiries, lies. Protests get ignored, more Natives go missing or end up in the river. And all the while white Canada goes on unbothered.

There is no justice in Canada,
And we know this is because the killers are white and the victims are Indigenous. If the victim was white and the killer Indigenous they would have already been found guilty and sentenced.

and this is what happened to brendan fraser. it's a long-ish read but it needs to be read.

The current mood in America:

"We need to enact reasonable and sane limitations..."
"You can't take away all guns!"
"We're not saying..."
"You're trampling our god-given right to own guns!"
"It's not a god-given right, god said nothing about it, and we're not trying to ban all-"
"La la la can't hear you Second Amendment God hates liberals la la la"
"Okay, you know what? Let's ban all guns, then. Fuck you."

Things that I love that only make sense when you encounter them:

Blue of sky that you know tastes of ice and cold, the word "clear" written across it with a kind of breathless emptiness, other than knife-edged winds.

Whitegold of sunlight that you know offers no heat without touching the air outside. Sunlight you can taste in your mouth as different from summer. Cool and buzzing and filled with squints and scarfs.

Headline of the day : How the Cryptocurrency Frenzy Is Interfering With Our Search For Alien Life

Valentines. The day when, tiredly, we look at each other in the morning, surprised to discover we're both still home as appointments had one of us gone at 7 am, and mutter "love you" at each other. The day when, tiredly, we shuffle out of the apartment to the unexpected and unexpectedly nice treat of a Modo ride to work.


I'd sleep but afraid Valentine will get me. (Elder God tentacles flailing in the Outside, softly trying to find a way into the world)

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It is Friday, the day after my husband's birthday. Was gonna leave early to take him out to dinner but forgot he had Pentamidine tonight (IV drip for 3 hours, every 35 days). So... that's probably off the table.

So. Because of him I'm actually staying until the end of the day. DAMN HIM.

And since it's Friday time has now decided to slow. Right. Down. (sigh)

(forty-one seconds............. forty-two seconds................................ forty-three seconds after the minute. OH MY GODS!)

I have not done this in a while, and never here. But a thing I end up falling out of my chair over are headlines, from time to time. Todays?

Snakes Could Be Spreading Flowers By Pooping Mice

Today is the husband's birthday. Now he's Than he was.


He's at home asleep. When he wakes up it will be to half a bed filled with stuffies all staring at him. :P

Annnd it must be, yep it is, around 4:30.

WaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaave of nausea. (urp) Last four days this has been going on.

I want a do-over for this damned body.

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New contact lenses! Yay! I can read again. The bridge ones (between my old set and the new ones)?

There was two of everything. Which... made reading interesting. But I lived. Now I can see normally again. YAY.

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Today is my 21st anniversary of working for this organization.