Headline of the day, also filed under "DUUUUH":

Metro Vancouver real estate prices are 65% overvalued: Economist

I'm not sure what happened but I got seven followers today on Tumblr. Out of the blue.

I'm always somewhat curious as to what it is that gets me a round of people. In a few cases you can see them like a series of things I've done/etc... but a lot of the time it's just cold "I'm now following you".

Which. What? What did I DO? lol

When hub and I walk to work I pick at him. Finger pokes, shoulder shoves, etc. We both do this, it usually escalates to slapping frantically at each other whilst laughing.

Today he complains. Stop. "I'm a delicate flower. Ok a corpseflower."

Watching (don't ask... youtube folks... this just happens) people doing trust falls.

ONLY thought to hit me: I don't trust ANY of the people I know to catch me.

None of them.


Hub and I went food shopping, as per normal, yesterday. Stepping out into the world I realized he was all in black and started to giggle.

Like a smart husband he asked "What" in the tone that said he knew shit was up.

I replied: You're my gothogenarian!

He groaned AND laughed.

Headline : Lions eat rhino poachers on South African game reserve

I'm unsurprisingly sanguine with that.

Got an email. The contracts/deadlines/guidelines for the chapter in the book on critical social work came in. I now have deadlines.


I now have deadlines. Fuu

I am furious that the Stolen SCOTUS decided to use today to uphold racist and sexist rulings (upholding the Muslim ban, allowing clinics to lie to women about abortion options), not only because I wanted to spend all day today in a happy bliss about my new book release, but because ANY day would be a shitty day for them to pull this shit.

But I'm not going to stop fighting for things like fairness, equality, and, yes, social justice. With my vote, with my voice, and with my words.

"She wears a fur trimmed parka, with matching boots. And has traditional Inuit tattoos on her face and wrists. Amka Aliyak is a new Marvel comic superhero, and she's an Inuk teen who goes by the name Snowguard.

"She'a a really amazing teenage girl, that cares a lot about her community [and] the environment. [She is] an activist, and a bit of a troublemaker," said Nyla Inuuksuk, who was the consultant on the character."


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Today at 4:48pm it will be 14 years since I found out I have HIV.

Interesting day. (wry laugh)

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