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**We must design alternatives to 'highways of death'**

"Roads are one of the world's biggest killers, but they do not have to be."


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Government was never ours.Judiciary compromised, police administration compromised, media compromised. Now we the common people,only have each other. Stick together, take care of each other, protect each other.

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"Yunhi hamesha ulajhti rahi hai zulm se khalq
Na un ki rasm nayi, na apni reet nayi
Yunhi hamesha khilaye hain hum nay aag mein phool
Na un ki haar nayi hai na apni jeet nayi"

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The one reform that nobody gives the BJP credit for: The Billionaire Criminal Easy Exit Scheme.

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To the visually impaired student who got beaten by the Delhi police.
Sir you may not have the gift of sight but your vision supercedes all of ours.

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Pause and watch this poetic ode to our , our humanity and connections. Share it with everyone.
A boy grows up to become a scholar - a Mahapandit, feted by the Brahmins of Benaras. Listen to him explain the true meaning of and the connection between and @KarwaneMohabbat

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If you are in Kashmir and trying to do something that requires an OTP, you simply can't do it, because SMS on postpaid is blocked (prepaid doesn't work at all). I want you to think of Kashmiris each time you type in an OTP - filing ITR, making a payment, filling up an exam form.

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If fitness movements are to succeed, multitude must-have sufficient exercise time to adhere to regime. Offices and schools must not open before 9.30am and exercise must be made mandatory in those places.

Despite vintage Nadal FINALS Fed vs Tsitsipas & Thiem vs Zverev.

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1984 Bhopal Gas tragedy activist Abdul Jabbar passed away in Bhopal last night.
Follow for updates: bit.ly/357eqo7

महान गणितज्ञ वशिष्ठ_नारायण_सिंह का निधन. RIP

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फूँक कर मैं ने आशियाने को
रौशनी बख़्श दी ज़माने को
- आरिफ़ अब्बासी

सितारों के आगे जहां और भी हैं!

Dear Tuskies smile all through the life.
Umr-e-daraaz maang ke laaye the chaar din,
Do aarzoo mein kat do intezaar mein.

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Here's a privacy tip for new Tooters.

You can choose between FOUR different privacy settings for every individual toot u post here!! Just how cool is that!? 🤩🤘

While drafting a toot, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the globe icon in the 'compose toot' window

2. Select any of these privacy settings for the toot you are composing:
🔸Public but unlisted
🔸Private n visible to ur followers only
🔸Direct (similar to Twitter DMs!)

Boost & spread word!! 💗


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Need more features like cropping image and scheduling toots? Install Fedilab app.

Available free on FDroid and paid app on playstore.

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