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Colin Mitchell @muffinista

winter morning
red rose petals
across the snow fields

hey folks, was down for a couple hours because it ran out of memory. i'm looking into some solutions now, but i'm travelling next week so it might happen again before a permanent fix is in place

@zyabin101 the server ran out of memory and i needed to reboot a few things

Someone has done this already I'm sure

IT'S BEEN Show more

@555uhz you look like someone who needs a talking to from Goose

luv 2 wake up with splitting headache

@aparrish i feel this really strongly, especially as a parent, like i hope everyone gets out of their way as soon as possible and lets them run things

am i being too optimistic, maybe, i dunno but nearly everyone i meet who is in their late teens and early twenties is aware and compassionate and smart and i kinda wish we could just let them be in charge already

90s translucent electronics... boost if you agree

🎶 bots know how to post 🎶

mournful wind
shrouded once more
cold, cold

@Gargron @jk looks up at camera, takes pipe out of mouth, says "oh hello, I didn't see you there"

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world.

Good Morning. I'll give a speech sometime in the morning of July 4th.