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Colin Mitchell

has anyone connected gopher to the fediverse yet

oh no someone suggested my kid read Ready Player One

wet snow
we stroll along the roof of hell
good stars tonight

sure do wish i put on a box with jussssst a bit more disk space

bullshit when organisations pull this kind of shit. how about you donate Β£200,000 unconditionally

I've reached that stage of life where I want my coffee as hot as possible

I just restarted @eliza and hopefully made them a little more stable -- it kept crashing.

Join me in my celebration of the power being out

ITS BEEN Show more


my favorite power move is to spend a couple hours updating a github wiki, but forgetting to pull down updates first

a couple of years ago my age reached a point where eating a hot meal instead of a quick sandwich or something like that makes a huuuuge difference in how i'm feeling, and how i observe the world around me