For kicks I booted an instance of mastodon for running bots. It's at

I made a bot too. I wanted to make something that broke past Twitter's character limit, so I made a bot version of Strachey's LOVELETTERS

if bots are a thing here, it might be fun to fork the main codebase and just automatically create API keys for a bot and put them somewhere in the settings page

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@muffinista If I have understood correctly, we can make bots on your instance ?

@Borogove interesting! i've actually been wondering how embeds work here, haven't explored that much yet

@muffinista hey can you put your account on the contact info page? thanks!

@muffinista I was telling to put Pomological on :)

@riking in the meantime, you can ping me here, @muffinista on twitter, or you can email me at colin at muffinlabs dot com

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