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Was told I complain too much which makes me unhappy.
So here's a new approach, being positive: I like software
/me waits for world to implode

@mulander You seem to have forgotten your <sarcasm> and </sarcasm> tags. (shakes head)

@Theophilus there should be some AA like thing for long time developers.

> Hello, I am Adam and I hate software.

@mulander ROFL! I think there is... it's a certain kind of hotline... Keeps you from... ending yourself or someone else.

@Theophilus nah, not on that stage yet - I actually don't have to use systemd.

mulander @mulander

@Theophilus I'm safe as long as he doesn't port it to and even then he would have to find someone to OK and commit it :P

Snowball's chance in hell.

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