Product idea:
1. You give me keys to your snail mail post box
2. Every morning I go through all the ads and replace them with a single flyer that's tailored to only things of your interest.
3. While doing that I'm going to read your personal mail, to get better at preparing a flyer for you.

What do you think?

Outrageous? Still using gmail?

@mulander Would subscribe if the snail mail still had any relevance and I even bothered to put my name on the mailbox.

@insom yeah, because you now walk around all day with their employee (your phone) who already sees and hears all of what you do :)

@mulander @insom I can absolutely recommend Gandi for email hosting! Reasonably-priced, superb uptime, non-US company, built on open-source, easy to set up (IMAP and webmail), largely-acceptable corporate ethics..

@mulander oh, don't worry, all my emails are written by markov robots, anyway

@mulander fine in my book

you knew very well what you were doing when you signed up, and if you didn't, pay more attention to what you're doing

anyways, they make it easy to delete the data anyways

@mulander The best part is that this could still be done without reading personal mail, still following the metaphor.

@mulander For a very long time I refused to even send email to * addresses, but eventually it became impossible without cutting off half the world. I personally use FastMail where the limited quota forces me to only keep about 2 months' worth of email on the server at a time, but it's worth it to have some semblance of privacy.

@mulander Oh, and remember... any time you send a letter to anyone else, I'm going to read that and their responses to it as well, whether they give me permission or not.

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