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mulander @mulander

The world hates me today, the pizza place told me the order will take up to 1.5 hour 😭

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@mulander do you eat pizza in the afternoon? on which tz are you? :D

@Vigdis UTC+2 but it's always pizza time (ask @canadianbryan).

@mulander @Vigdis Any time is pizza time, but my pizza shops disagree and I have to wait until 11am. Pfft.

@canadianbryan @Vigdis @mulander Sounds like you ordered an inadequate amount of pizza last night.

@kurtm @mulander @Vigdis "I'll save some pizza for tomorrow." is my favouritest joke.

@canadianbryan @Vigdis @mulander

You are looking for an amount that leads to:
"I'm too full to finish all this pizza."

Then you have some leftover for breakfast.

@kurtm @mulander @Vigdis I want to still be able to order from there in the future...

@kurtm Thanks for this excellent new hunger mitigation!