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@mulander hey, you mentioned in the blog that twitch is not an option. Why?

I predicted IRC being a terrible medium, which is what put me off participating in the reading back when you started.

Hopefully you'll find a more suitable medium soon because this kind of mentoring/knowledge transfer in OSS is invaluable, but I am also already thankful for the 42 days you did.

Pozdrowienia z niemcach :)!

@bugabinga currently I don't have appropriate living conditions to do a livestream with audio/video - even reads on IRC were ultra hard with me being interrupted almost constantly in real life.

We are planning a move and that could change my mind on a video/audio stream but for now just not possible.

@mulander i wonder if tmux could scale to that scenario?

@bugabinga would require granting people shell access on a shared server to share the session. We discussed that on -daily on Freenode yesterday.

@mulander I am curious. Have you had further ideas? Is there such a thing as a "read only tmux session"?

@mulander @bugabinga Told you in the beginning you should stream it on twitch and upload to youtube, become famous and naked!