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mulander @mulander

Configured taskd on using letsencrypt certs to sync taskwarrior tasks between my laptops and my Android phone. The setup was a pain but works like a charm.

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@mulander I use something weird too 😀, I sync org-mode docs with my Android phone using Syncthing both on it and . I read the docs in Android with Orgzly.

I also use Syncthing to backup my Android photos, videos, ...

I also had a Raspberry PI 3 with Arch Linux and Syncthing to do the same with family phones. Maybe I'll change it for OpenBSD.

I used taskwsrrior in the past, but I love org-mode, it's more flexible.

@joedicastro I used org-mode in the past :) stopped as emacs is a monstrosity - I also started preferring tools designed to do their job instead of doing everything possible.

I do use syncthing on OpenBSD for videos, photos etc. Works great.

@mulander @joedicastro I know, I even read the mail in Emacs :-)

Fortunately, there are options to us to find each one its own path. I started to use one tool for each job until I got tired of migrating form tool to tool when it was not good enough for the job or worst, got abandoned. So I took the decision to stick with the classics for the most essential jobs. First Vim/Mutt/etc and then Emacs. If they survived three decades or more, probably will last a few years more. :-)