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First flaw in my recent phone purchase seems to be the default speaker - gets glitchy audio, sometimes goes deaf. Annoying an non deterministic. Doesn't impact the loud-speaker and audio over headset (standard jack).

@nemessica with the same model so far doesn't have the same issue so it's probably build flaw in my case :/

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@albino a budget phone from a Polish company.

Overall quite happy with the purchase considering the price, will probably call up the company and see what the have to say on the audio issue (though I see a lot of people online reporting similar issue).

@mulander wow, I guess it must be good to have peace of mind that if your phone ever gets dirty you can just chuck it in the dishwasher!

@albino I'm not tempted to test how much it survives. If it has a better survival chance from regular mishaps like getting dropped from a 30cm table by a dog (how my last phone was smashed) then I'm happy.

The audio issue is annoying, and not keen to wait 2-3 weeks on repairs - that can be work around with a headset though.

@mulander i suppose that's an issue with lesser-known phones: repair guides and spare parts are hard to come by

@albino it's all assembled in china of course. The company is local (I happen to live in Poland) so I have a way to send it for repairs under warranty - not sure though it's worth the hustle to wait.

Regarding replacement parts. It's damn nice to have a phone with a replaceable battery again (that also can take a dive in 3m deep water) :)

@mulander that's something I miss from my feature phone :(

I'm putting off replacing the battery in my moto g because I think it might die altogether before I need to :|

@albino yeah, though I was surprised to see my wives phone die on battery first (sony erricson compact z1). Still sucks to get a new phone just because you can't swap a battery out of it or because the glass broke falling from 30cm.

This one has a swappable battery and still is a smartphone. For 120 USD (with no contract) I doubt I would get anything close in quality/features.

So I either have stockholm syndrome or it isn't that bad :P

@mulander yeah, it seems like a pretty good phone - shame about the speaker issue, deal breaker for me