If you are using RSA keys generated by yubikey 4 (version < 4.3.5) then you should probably make some new keys (off-chip): yubico.com/support/security-ad

@ebarrett not related but your toot reminded me that my key has expired early in September :P

/me recalls the steps we did to extend the key in Cambridge

@ebarrett we were setting it only for the ssb (the encryption subkey) key right not the primary?

@mulander Looking at my keychain, I have unlimited expiration on the master key, then fixed expiration on the subkeys.

@ebarrett I just extended mine, same configuration (unlimited on the master and expires on the ssb). It should be up on the keyservers.

@ebarrett it's kind of sad that neither I nor anyone else noticed. Shows how little use GPG actually gets.

@mulander I use GPG a lot to encrypt to myself. You notice very quickly under this scenario!

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