lazyweb: what's your preferred mail server setup docs on Unixoids for someone who's good at admin stuff (and thus doesn't need automagic things, esp if they clobber existing setups) but has no clue how mail works? an org's server needs mail (esp down the road for automated application mails) and I'm not paying for Office 365/Google Apps.

@calvin I'm self hosting email for myself & my wife. Using OpenBSD + OpenSMTPD + roundcube for the web interface.

Blogged on it here:

@mulander the server is Debian based, so no idea how much I can crib. I used OpenSMTPd once before though instead of local sendmail for an experiment, and it was far saner.

@calvin OpenSMTPD while developed as part of the OpenBSD operating system is portable. Safe yourself a headache and use it :)

In general it boils down to OpenSMTPD + Dovecot + Roundcube for a sane baseline setup.

Greylisting (spamd) cuts spam a ton but proper handling with big senders like Gmail is tricky. On top of that some spamassassin/rspamd and you're set.

Plus/minus dkim/domains setup etc dance.

@mulander While I am the admin of the server, I don't actually own it, and I'm very uncertain they'd go for an OpenBSD switch.

I've got this bookmarked now though to xref.

@calvin I'm just saying that the setup itself is not OpenBSD tied, you can implement a similar one on Linux using the same software.

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