Get slain by the pigman butcher in games/witchblast on - ported to you by . Must play for Binding of Isaac fans.

Today's dog walk. You can see the puddles start to freeze over but there's plenty of mud for @nemessica and Iria (the dog) to have fun with.

today I realised that the fight club logo is a bar of soap /facepalm - why didn't I see that before?

Got a new watch, It's been far too long since I used one. One more reason to not always carry a smartphone.

Hey script kiddies! If a hack back law ever passes, I'm calling back 😘 and have a special spot for each and every one of you.

hey is there a way to properly use bind params in raw update/exec - sample in pic, tried many variations.

Rails can't figure out proper way to place the params in changing the expression type.

a Polish energy drink brand just committed a marketing suicide by showing the finger (literally) to the 1st of August uprising memorial day.

the text states 'Fuck what was. What's important is what comes next'

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