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Wife told me to buy pronto but I just couldn't help myself.

pledge(2) all the things!

Today's dog walk. You can see the puddles start to freeze over but there's plenty of mud for @nemessica and Iria (the dog) to have fun with.

today I realised that the fight club logo is a bar of soap /facepalm - why didn't I see that before?

Got a new watch, It's been far too long since I used one. One more reason to not always carry a smartphone.

Hey script kiddies! If a hack back law ever passes, I'm calling back 😘 and have a special spot for each and every one of you.

hey is there a way to properly use bind params in raw update/exec - sample in pic, tried many variations.

Rails can't figure out proper way to place the params in changing the expression type.

a Polish energy drink brand just committed a marketing suicide by showing the finger (literally) to the 1st of August uprising memorial day.

the text states 'Fuck what was. What's important is what comes next'

Been recently reading manga interpretations of H.P. Lovecraft stories by Gō Tanabe. Highly recommended.

I was looking for some old code we decided that's not even worth to keep a repo for around... I'm so happy I made this folder on syncthing.