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@Strog it's up and it will remain up, however I'm hitting bed today (midnight here) - had a busy work day.

Happy to play more tomorrow/this week :)

@notptr we did similar yesterday for the Quake 2 anniversary :)

@gilscottfitzgerald correct. The signify man page even lists the exact commands to check the install files in the examples section:

Had a blast yesterday, our game was even livestreamed but sadly the streamer didn't save the video for later.

Considering leaving the server running.

Quake 2 released 20 years ago, we are celebrating by having a deathmatch on an OpenBSD server. Join us:

Shut Up and Frag

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@mulander @pony I PGP sign ebooks all the time.

Often I encrypt them, because if you're gonna DRM you need to do it right.

PGP breaks ereaders. But that's OK, just means you need to buy another copy, right? ;-)

@pony I mean like walking up to @mwlucas and having him digitally sign it with a dedication :D

He is either the only author who would be able to sign it or the first one to run away screaming (he wrote a book on PGP).

hmm, can I buy digital book copies and pester authors for a PGP signature on them? :D

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Me at a #programming job interview...

Manager: How would you implement a bubble sort algorithm given this C# array?

Me: C# arrays implement the IEnumerable interface. I would use "var sortedArray = IEnumerable.OrderBy(i => i);" to sort the array by its contents.

Manager: but that's not bubble sort.

Me: And this isn't Microsoft and you aren't paying me to re-implement the .NET framework. If you wanted a CS graduate, your job posting should have said so. Now, are you done wasting my time?

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Why do you care about this? This makes work /much/ better on a wifi network that has multiple Access Points with the same name.

Most Conferences, shopping malls, large buildings, etc, have this type of wifi network.

Previously, it would "stick" to the first Access Point that it found. Now, it will switch to a better one when the signal strength is too weak.

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So my #ThinkPad X230's fan died recently and I needed a failover device anyway, so here it is!

Steps before pressing the power button:

1. Remove Bluetooth card (who needs those? no #OpenBSD support anyway)
2. Remove WAN card (who needs those?)
3. Trim #ME (5M -> 86K)
4.1. Replace rest of ugly firmware with #coreboot #SeaBIOS
4.2. Install secondary payloads incl. Tetris (just because you can)
5. Swap in old SSD and UK keyboard

The real problem is: All the nice stickers are gone!

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Interesting behaviour change to chromium builds on , unfortunate but required due to increasing pressure from major companies:

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Update on pledge(2) from Theo de Raadt, outlining two upcoming features, pledgepaths and execpromises:

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@torpcoms I wouldn't mind it :) Definitely much better than HTML + CSS.

@calvin I'm just saying that the setup itself is not OpenBSD tied, you can implement a similar one on Linux using the same software.

@calvin OpenSMTPD while developed as part of the OpenBSD operating system is portable. Safe yourself a headache and use it :)

In general it boils down to OpenSMTPD + Dovecot + Roundcube for a sane baseline setup.

Greylisting (spamd) cuts spam a ton but proper handling with big senders like Gmail is tricky. On top of that some spamassassin/rspamd and you're set.

Plus/minus dkim/domains setup etc dance.

@calvin I'm self hosting email for myself & my wife. Using OpenBSD + OpenSMTPD + roundcube for the web interface.

Blogged on it here:

@fuuko awesome, you're welcome both on matrix and on freenode. Yell if you need help with the OS and toot when you get to installing it, I love to hear about people using the OS.