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Today on -daily we finished loading ELFs and went back to top-level dlopen.

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PSA: careful with letsencrypt if you hard redirect http->https. It looks like it might not retry the challenge.

a Polish energy drink brand just committed a marketing suicide by showing the finger (literally) to the 1st of August uprising memorial day.

the text states 'Fuck what was. What's important is what comes next'

Billions in the ads industry on profiling/tracking and they still can't put 1 and 1 together that an HTML only email to me == a lost sale.

>4h dog walk. Pumped out, now time to code.

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being the inventor of , does them differently than the corporate ones.

it isn't a competition. no prizes. its perfectly fine to not finish. heck, sleep is encouraged.

we work together on making the best we can, and having the domain experts in the same room makes that far easier.

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@mulander good Tech Support people are worth their weight in gold.

I'd much rather have one Good Tech Support person than 10 "10x programmers"

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@mulander I used NCSA Mosaic. Heck, I hacked NCSA Mosaic to behave properly on our 2-bit greyscale workstations in the dorm.

I just realized something scary. I still remember AltaVista.

Crazy idea but.... how many people would be up for an compo?

and finally a few business days later I got a call from the sysadmin with a recap and verification of what happened.

No one, at any point treated me badly, dismissively or in any other way annoyed. I am pretty paranoid and didn't expect such nice handling from a government agency.

So that's it. Sometimes the right people at the right places can make one person feel very happy that the institution is indeed working for and not against citizen.

I didn't want to give up my ID credentials and obviously the support person can't give me the credentials of the person on the other end. We agreed to verify the beginning sequence of my ID and confirmed that they differ. In this case it was someone with the same name and surname possibly making a typo in the email address entering $name DOT $surname@domain instead of $name$surname@domain.

Yet the support staff said he will file an issue for the admin to investigate.

The person on the call was very helpful. He did as much verification on the line as he could, he even hang up the conversation and re-called me (as the helpline is not a free number) without being asked to do so. We spent around 40 minutes on the phone during which we identified.

1. This really happened, someone on the other side of Poland with the same name and surname showed up to open up an account.
2. That person triggered a password reset


I received a reply from CERT telling me that I should be filling issues related to gov. ran services to a different entity - but instead of telling me to GTFO they said they will actually really and oversee the investigation. That's one outcome I didn't expect - someone decided to give some effort and do something for the citizen instead of having him to jump through more hoops.

With that out of the way I contacted support for the gov. system that sent the email notification. 3/n

The email informed the recipient that he has to show up personally to change the password. There were no links to click etc, so it didn't look like phising. Just in case I decided not to contact using information there.

Instead I first reported the incident to CERT as a suspected social eng. against a goverment agency or identify theft against me.

Then I found the gov. dept in question and found their contact info. 2/n

I usually complain on things, especially government and corporate related. Hence I can't pass on the occasion to actually praise when things are handled top notch.

Some time ago, I got an email notification about a password change request from a gov ran system (Tax & border control) to a very old email address of mine.

I never had an account on that system but the email looked very legit, passed all checks and was actually sent from a gov. MX. 1/n

Hey Open Source devs, Yamagi Quake 2 has a good doc for packagers. Consider making one for your project as well!

this is of course about ifconfig