@toridnyc @monk @JustinLyles

Alright officially just bought burners.social

Diving into this...

Enjoy this massive playlist of mixes while you wait. I've indexed all mixes from 2016 into here:


@gled Cool! You're running mastodon.host? Around how many users are on that instance?

@muloka yep, right now around 380 but increasing quite fast atm.

@muloka 8core / 32G ram, 200G SSD storage at the moment, will probably change very soon though to migrate to a more scalable design.


@gled Woah. What's the monthly cost?

Trying to assess what I'm getting myself into. 😉

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@muloka depends on the number of users you intend to have ? a simple $2 is ok for single user instance, count $30 for up to 500-1000 users...

@ashfurrow @cs @gled was so close... I saw it boot up and then I brought it down to edit the settings.yml file and now I can't get it back up... any tips?



@muloka @gled @ashfurrow What do you mean by settings.yml? I don't see that file. Maybe try doing a database migration?

@cs @ashfurrow @gled

Hmm you're right I need to run:

docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate


docker-compose up -d

And when I need to take the server offline for something and start it up again it seems like the database migration was not permanent.

@muloka @gled @cs I ran into this too; check the docker-compose.yml file settings. There're two lines you need to uncomment to get the database and redid to persist.

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