Neat, got something basic running on DigitalOcean, soooooo I guess what I'm saying is this instance might experience some down time tonight 😆 Thanks to @cs for the resources!


@ashfurrow @cs Is Docker Compose running on your instance as well?

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@ashfurrow @cs Shopping around trying to figure out how to get started with an instance.

@muloka @ashfurrow I use Docker Compose for my instance ( I found it much easier than trying to run Rails/Postgres/Redis/Sidekiq directly.

@muloka @ashfurrow Nope, I'm on Big Tech Corp Public Cloud, but it's pretty much the same thing :p Just running everything on Docker on one VM.

@ashfurrow @muloka I'm considering moving my instance to DO as well, but at this point I've redone the instance setup process like three times in two days now, so I'm kind of sick of doing it 😓

@muloka @ashfurrow @cs

I'll PayPal/Venmo/carrier-pigeon you the referral credit amount :p

Or Linode. We should spread instances out, so not everyone's on DO heh

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