By the way, big fan of Artsy.com

Working on something small scale right now featuring Bermuda creatives.

@cs @ashfurrow @gled

Hmm you're right I need to run:

docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate


docker-compose up -d

And when I need to take the server offline for something and start it up again it seems like the database migration was not permanent.

Alright I'm busted. Tinkering with mastodon... good night! πŸ’€

@sarahjeong burners.social - currently down at the moment... I'm bias, this is a new instance I'm starting.

@ashfurrow @cs @gled was so close... I saw it boot up and then I brought it down to edit the settings.yml file and now I can't get it back up... any tips?



@ashfurrow @cs Shopping around trying to figure out how to get started with an instance.

@toridnyc For sure. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of this.

I'm on BurnersConnect.com though I prefer the Mastodon experience more.

Burners Connect feels like it's still Alpha.

@gled Woah. What's the monthly cost?

Trying to assess what I'm getting myself into. πŸ˜‰

@toridnyc Woah. Every day the whole week? Are people still greeting on Sunday?

@gled Cool! You're running mastodon.host? Around how many users are on that instance?

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