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I have decided I don't need to get `vim` working on the Windows side of my Windows/WSL Ubuntu setup. It's a frustrating stew of $PATH and $RUNTIMEPATH and $VIM.

If you're in Columbus, OH this weekend attending PyOhio say hi! I'll be volunteering along with my son and hopefully not fubarring all the things.

possible trigger for suicide reference 

I catch myself shaving yaks so. many. times. every. day.

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Why does git bash just not get along with Python in the ways I need it to get along he asked waiting for a process to do something knowing all along the run-on stream-of-conciousness-and-then-fourth-wall-breaking gag was old and I'm just going to kill this process again.

The Fediverse is a nice firehose of all sorts of stuff and it's nice to skim through.

It is so good I've mostly overcome fear of failure--well okay let's not get ahead of ourselves not "mostly" but "incrementally"--because I am doing the stupidest shit and plodding through it and making things work.

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Still sending this out!
I pulled together a PDF toolkit w screening info, some basic safety info, worksheet to safety plan in case of arrest, #KYR in case of arrest, what to expect from your atty- if any #sexworker/organizer wants a copy, please DM me your email. Eng & SP


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an appeal to the fediverse regarding anti-abuse 

Why do Medium articles talk about "supercharging" everything?

I have tried the AHK forums and SO. I'll probably hit r/vim next

Hello. I like vim. I like tools like Keyboard Maestro (macOS) and AutoHotKey (Windows). I use them to generate strings like inserting today's date and time in the form yyyymmdd HHmm. AutoHotKey seems confused by vim's modes though. I have to (a) change to insert mode, (b) type a space or hit ENTER, and then (c) hope the AHK engine recognizes my hotstring ]dt which expands as above. All of which defeats the purpose. So I ask: is anyone familiar with a vim plugin or easy vimscript to do hotkeys?

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(still) Need financial help, boosts appreciated 

Just had one of those polite response mishaps, e.g.,

“Happy birthday!”
“You too!”

Mine was a mushing together of “Thank you” and “Take care” to “Thank care” and I kinda dig it.

I have code that I _thought_ worked that uses a method of a class that does not exist. Like...what did I do?

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