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Major parties that supported
- Shivsena

Major parties that opposed
- SP

Keep this list handy for every single election.

"Justice, social, economic and political;
Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship:
Equality of status and of opportunity:
and to promote among them all

The Constitution, calligraphy by Prem Behari Narain Riazda, illuminated by Nandalal Bose and other artists.

What will it take now to keep these promises?

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In light of -level rise predictions by scientists, can afford to build underground, Coastal Road, Airport on , Train on to see it start going under sea in 20-30 years.Think Mumbaikars @NaviMumbaiWetl1@twitter.com @saveourcoastMUM@twitter.com @UNEP@twitter.com

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@shahfaesal@twitter.com @Shehla_Rashid@twitter.com Neither the will of the people was involved. And they had no reason for doing so. How could this be constitutional ?

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@shahfaesal@twitter.com @Shehla_Rashid@twitter.com Article 147 of the J&K Constitution limited amendments to Article 3 and 5. Any amendment of of the Indian Constitution was out of the scope of the Parliament.

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@AmitShah@twitter.com @AmitShahOffice@twitter.com @VPSecretariat@twitter.com @derekobrienmp@twitter.com @cpimspeak@twitter.com @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com @INCIndia@twitter.com Chidambaram says that the bill will ultimately be questioned in Courts.
"Its very clear that the bill is unconstitutional and will be struck down" : Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com

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@rupagulab@twitter.activitypub.actor Already have a Citizenship act..citizenship by birth, descent naturalization, incorporation of territory..this government is introducing a new category of citizenship by arbitrary executive fiat it is asking this parliament to support what is an unconstitutional law
P Chidambaram

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@rupagulab@twitter.activitypub.actor Knowing this is unconstitutional, I'm afraid this gov is ramming through this bill to further it's Hindutva agenda. This is a sad day.
-P Chidambaram

@AmitShah@twitter.com @AmitShahOffice@twitter.com @VPSecretariat@twitter.com @derekobrienmp@twitter.com @cpimspeak@twitter.com @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com @INCIndia@twitter.com Chidambaram asks why only religious persecution is covered and not persecution on the grounds of politics and linguistic reasons @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com

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On this basis, Ramachandran argues, Parliament never had the power to recommend cessation of #Article370.

The recommendation they passed to enable CO 273, was "undemocratic for want of the will of the people and for want of public reason."

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"In Germany, Jews were called 'Rats', here the Home Minister uses 'termites' "

~ Derek O'Brien @DerekOBrien in Rajya Sabha

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@AmitShah@twitter.com @AmitShahOffice@twitter.com @VPSecretariat@twitter.com @derekobrienmp@twitter.com @cpimspeak@twitter.com @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com @INCIndia@twitter.com This insidious bill has wrecked a part of the Constitution : P Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com

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@AmitShah@twitter.com @AmitShahOffice@twitter.com @VPSecretariat@twitter.com @derekobrienmp@twitter.com @cpimspeak@twitter.com @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com @INCIndia@twitter.com The Bill violates Artilce 14 on three grounds :
1. Unequal treatment
2. Illegal classification
3. Arbitrariness writ large
Says Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN@twitter.com

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I, Jay_Ambadi, refuse to be a part of this unconstitutional act and shall not submit any document to get my name in NRC. I will follow the path of satyagraha to stand along with my brothers & sisters rather than be a mute spectator to their disenfranchisement

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Changing citizenship laws to favor one ethnic or religious group, e.g. the Nuremberg Laws, is a quite reliable indicator of fascism. India's liberal democracy is now a thing of the past. nyti.ms/2rwIqLV

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Hello! Govt High School, Kaksar-a school along the LoC in Kargil-is looking to teach kids how to use computers. They've been learning about them in theory, but would love some practical knowledge. If you can donate old laptops/desktops, DM me or call Sajjad on 9971406703. Pls RT!

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In a sharp attack on the government, Congress leader on Tuesday said, "India's tryst with bigotry and narrow-minded exclusion" was confirmed as the was passed in the at midnight yesterday.

Please listen to this. And share it with whoever understands basic simple english.

Kannan Gopinathan ( @naukarshah ) Speaks on and


Via~ @thequint

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